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  1. argenta

    Cutting mats, craft knives etc.

    Ladies, has anybody used a regular paper cutter for patchwork? Lately when I use my rotary cutter the cut does not come out smooth and straight and our local store is out of replacement knives. So I've been wondering, whether my husband's Dahle (he uses it for prints) will do the job or I should leave it.
  2. argenta

    oak cabinet makeover before and after on budget

    Thanks for sharing this project! I believe that your father should be proud of you right now. I'm always eager to see how others are giving new life to old furniture.
  3. argenta

    Embroidery machine for hobbyist

    Ladies, your expertise needed. What are your thoughts on an embroidery machine? I've been thinking about getting one to make logos and ornaments on my handsewn clothes, to make them more interesting. Still, I don't need a commercial device or a combo (as I already own a sewing machine). But before taking a leap I would like to know... The cheapest ones go for about $400 - is it worth it? What about the extra costs of threads and maintenance? What kind of embroidery machine do you have? And what kind of embroidery do you like to do with it? I've been eyeing this list for a whole evening since anniversary is coming, so hubby - beware, haha! Also how easy is it to use? Also, what do you wish you knew before you purchased? I have so many questions, so I'd appreciate any feedback on this! I know that this forum is not active lately, yet still - if you have something to say, please, leave a comment
  4. argenta

    Tension problem with Janome 8200

    Just a small update. Once again, have a look at step-by-step guide for tension check, as I had when I was re-threading mine. For instance, I went to the Janome support forum first (must admit, they work fast and helped me each time I had a question - well, except for this particular issue and that's why I believe it was my mistake, not a machine failure!), and then I went to the general sewing forum. If you have any updates, feel free to PM me, I'd be glad to share my experience.
  5. Also! If you're working with synthetics mostly, then a hot knife (or hot pipe for a round hole) might make a good cut and instantly cauterized hole. Can't figure out how to add photos, though I hope this helps.
  6. A piece of advice which is kinda late, still. I used a good quality 1.5" hole saw to drill holes in the fabric while doing alterations for our RV. No pulling or tearing of the fabric. Drilled right in easily. I don't think a fabric/foam cutter is necessary.
  7. argenta

    Recipe: Turkish lamb pizza all the way from Dubai

    Thanks for sharing, jrdonal. Made this several times! I used homemade dough and added topping of ground meat and lamb blended with onion, pepper, various spices. No cheese. Cooked at around 700-750. The crust was nice and crispy at the lower heat with the longer cook time - this really surprised and pleased me. The toppings were cooked on the pie and came out very tender and flavorful. Pizza was delicious!
  8. Great thread, Scarlett! I try to keep my crafts sustainable, though it's tricky when it comes to adhesives and glues. And I have almost zero experience with jewelry, unfortunately. Though I really like to search upcycling/recycling/reuse/etc on sites like craftster/etsy/artfire/etc to see what people are up to. Maybe you could find some nice ideas for your crafts here.
  9. argenta

    Fabric printing

    Forgot to mention, I used Epson (SX 125) for my experiments.
  10. argenta

    Fabric printing

    Can't say about professional finish, but I have tried to make my own prints at home. It was tricky, yet funny! Did this following a friend's recommendations. Her advice for printing on fabric is that you buy A4 sized labels, stick one on the back of your fabric, trim the fabric down to the same size as the label - rub well on the paper side to eliminate air bubbles, and then pass it through your printer. Works well for me, and you can get at least 4-6 passes with one label, sometimes a few more.
  11. argenta

    Tension problem with Janome 8200

    It's quite a late reply, but maybe someone else might find it useful. I've got the Janome 8900 (it's quite similar to yours) and FMQ with it on a regular basis. Got the same problem. So I rethreaded the machine, bobbin, changed quilt sandwiches, changed thread, cleaned out the guts of my machine. Nothing. I checked my manual, went onto forums - nope. Nothing, once again. I did manage to fix it eventually but you're probably going to have the same reaction I did to the solution - re-threading. After I'd have a break and thought logically about the problem. I hadn't changed my technique so it couldn't be that. The machine was the same. My needle was fresh. My tension settings hadn't changed. So it must have been something I did differently between the first FMQ, piecing and now. The change was that I'd swapped threads so had rethreaded my machine. I pulled all my thread out of the machine, switched the light off and went to bed. The next day, I rethreaded the machine as if I was starting afresh (presser foot up, setting 1, feed dogs down) and trying to pretend yesterday hadn't happened. And it worked. I couldn't believe it. I still have no idea which tension disc is missed or why I missed it repeatedly (maybe it was stuck). But it honestly was a threading issue.
  12. argenta

    Do you make your own envelopes?

    Though not the time So I confess, sometimes I buy store bought ones! When I'm in a hurry to get it in the mail, well, store bought ones are sure handy to keep around.
  13. argenta

    What are your thoughts on handmade clothing?

    In fact I ran a custom dressmaking business for a few years, because off the rack clothing is awful and is designed to fit an extremely narrow range of body proportions which I and like 90% of the population simply don't fit into. So I make a lot of my clothes + dresses for my daughter, and I can't see why they should be considered as something bad. Once you discover what it feels like to wear something that REALLY fits properly, it's so hard to go back to ready-to-wear.
  14. argenta

    Share your crafty tips here!

    Agree. All of my patterns are stored in a zip-lock bags along with the original pattern envelope. I keep the original pattern inside the envelope so that I don't lose it. Also you can store them in digital format as well and it would be less space consuming. I have scanned the front of most of my patterns and I have a file on my computer so I can see what I have if I am looking for something.