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  1. PaulinNY

    Seed Bead Crafting

    Melissa, That does help, I also didn't know there was a bead supplier somewhat near me. Going to go there and get a loom, beads and some line.
  2. PaulinNY

    Seed Bead Crafting

    Hello, I just joined your forums. I make beads strings to hang from vests for Veteran motorcycle groups. Usually I work with barrel beads and have always used leather cord. This latest project will have me in new territory using seed beads. My question is this: The strings hang from vests that will be subject to high wind and other weather elements. I was thinking of using a high grade fishing line, the beads I am using are sized 6 at the biggest and sized 15 for some high detail. Will fishing line fit through these? Is fishing line the best for this purpose? Thanks for any help
  3. PaulinNY

    New Member

    Hello, New member here, upstate NY, my name is Paul. Medically retired Navy submarine veteran. I primarily do beading to help veteran motorcycle clubs to raise money and awareness. So far I have only done barrel beading because the simple color combinations made it easy to create the strings (they hang from their vests). Now they have asked for a much more intricate pattern that will require seed beads. I have no experience what-so-ever with these so here I am. Looking forward to meeting nice folks and learning about seed beads.