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  1. golden hippie

    March card makes for charity

    Fabulous cards.
  2. golden hippie

    Been a long time

    Hi everyone. Been such a long time since I posted and I hope everyone is keeping well and crafting away. I retired from the Bank about three years ago and have been so busy. My son got married and have been doing wedding invites since I did his. Also tutoring craft classes for community groups and with Mencap. I so enjoy my classes and really have not had much time to make for myself. I have also lost over Three stone in weight and try to walk 3 to 5 miles every day. Had a few health issues a few years ago which made me waken up about my weight . Not easy though. Last December I started a wee job doing admin for Shopmobility -15 hrs a week so nothing too taxing and is nice getting out during the day. I will try to keep up with the forum again and would be lovely to hear from some old forum friends again. Love Laverne
  3. golden hippie

    Hi everyone

    Such a long while since I have been on the forum. Been working away at the final wedding stationery for friend's daughter & also my son. All done now and time to breathe a bit. Still lots of problems with my mother and her mental health so life has been fraught. I now have to do a major house clean for visitors coming for our wedding. Two weeks today. Must try my outfit on again. I had a very busy month of Jun eating,lol. Was at Church conference for 4 days and meals out, then Cambiel's wedding in Scotland [ such a wonderful weekend and she looked so beautiful], so my diet has fallen by the wayside. I have not put on but just none lost. How much could I lose now in 2 weeks? Even two pounds would satisfy me. Been great to see the good weather & I hope it stays if only to get a dry day for wedding. Have done no other crafting either so think a little browse here to inspire me would be good. Hope you are all well and being careful in the sun. Love GH xo
  4. golden hippie

    happy birthday golden hippie

    Hi Barbara, Louise, Marilyn and Carolyn Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I very much appreciate you thinking of me. I had a really nice day- coffee with a friend in town and then hubby took me for coffee in afternoon and at another friend's for a BBQ in evening. Was well spoiled. Hope you are all well. GHxo
  5. golden hippie

    Forum looking good

    Bobsie- oh dear,so easy to miss something and size was one of my problems as I am not totally computer savvy and getting the text to fit in to the template I had. Ended up with hubby sorting it. I can only print the vellum one at a time too so will be a laborious process. It will be spread out to dry all over the place. Think I will only do so many at a time. All I need is for the cat to walk over them.
  6. golden hippie

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi all Mary , you look lovely in your hat. I was at the hairdresser yesterday to get my cut and colour and took my wedding hat with me to see how all could look. She decided to taper my hair in a bit at the back nd it did look better. The hat will only be on me for the Church service & photos and then it will be whisked off. Luckily I have been able to borrow it and not purchase. Bobsie, suppose I have been one of those abandoning the site for a while due to busyness. Hope that will change soon. Coming to the time of year too when people are out and about more. Just wish the weather would improve here. One good day this week and the rest wet and windy.Still not into summer clothes. Grocery shopping now done for the weekend so back to my wedding invites today and some housework. Upside for me is that I have now lost stone & half since Christmas and people are starting to notice. Hard work though having to cut out my bread & cheese. Cannot say I feel much better as my fibromyalgia has flared up badly so having to pace myself. Well time to motor on so have a good weekend and chat soon. GHxo
  7. golden hippie

    Baby Olivia

    She is very beautiful, Claire. Just like her mammy.xo GH
  8. golden hippie

    Forum looking good

    Hi everyone says she coming up for air again. lol. I wish I had help , ladies. No family near me and my friends just do not do crafts. They would baulk at being handed some double sided tape and told to stick something on straight on a card. Not that I always have a straight eye in my head. Have seen a few tilted items in my past. Has taken me longer than I thought to layer all but at least all I have to do on the day invites now is to print the vellum insert and cut it to size and stick it in. Hubby is helping me design the evening one on the computer but pinning him down is my problem. Hope to get at them this weekend. Will post a pic when all is finished. Cannot wait to get back to normal crafts and my class I am running starts Tuesday night. GH xo
  9. golden hippie

    Forum looking good

    Hi all I really have had no time to check out the new forum since the first day so it is good to see it up and running ok and teething problems being sorted. I will have to take time to get to know it soon. I finished off one set of wedding invites and am now stuck into son's. What a palaver of a time sourcing materials. After doing several samples , the bride & groom decided they wanted their initials stamped and embossed on the front on card and white pearl beads strips on either side of the text banner ' wedding invitation'. See when I went to order the beads again, I could not see any site with enough packs for me. One site actually told me they were discontinued but another one said they should be able to get them & lo & behold I got a message yesterday to say they were in. I ordered immediately and she messaged me at tea time yesterday to say they were in the post. Happy days and great service. Most pearl beads are more an ivory colour and come individually which would have been a torture putting so many on. Then the bride wants a vellum insert so was able to get a printable vellum but when I tried a sample it came out with purple writing. I mailed a wedding craft site who told me to make sure I was using the manufacturer ink and not compatible ink[which is what hubby buys]. In the meantime I was playing around with print properties and ticked grayscale and it printed out black. More happy days. I have all card cut and in process of stamping & embossing. I was able to order a small clear stamp with the initials in a nice curly font and so far so good. Using my narrow rock a block to stamp on a 4 and half cm sq card and then emboss with silver powder. Boring after a while. I have 100 day invites to make & 50 evening ones and they want them for this day fortnight . Phew. Have a craft class starting 14th May for 4 weeks so going to try a bit of Decopatch there but need to make my own samples first. Wonder how I had time to work.lol Hope you are all well and catch up soon when I come up for air. GHxo
  10. golden hippie

    Ooh we've moved!

    Morning everyone. Good to see the new site is up and running. Hope you are all well. I am up to my eyes making wedding invitations and dealing with family issues so hardly time to breathe. So glad to be able to get access so quickly now. Will call back later as have to go into town to meet a friend later. GH xo
  11. golden hippie

    Operation over

    Well ladies I am lying here being attended to by my young manservant, aka hubby. :cheese: Had both legs operated on yesterday and now bandaged up and sore. Find walking about more helpful than sitting with them raised. Was I glad I had bought a new long dressing gown. After I had donned the hospital gown and my d gown, the surgeon suggested I go to x ray for a Doppler scan which would locate the areas easier for him to make his incisions. Nurse says' you are a big girl, away down to x ray and we will ring them that you are coming. So me in my finery has to parade through main hospital corriders to the public waiting area at x ray. Thankfully the young receptionist could see my discomfort regarding my state of dress or undress more like it and she offered me a private waiting area. Then making my way back to day procedure unit I got disorientated as to what direction [ new hospital so just unsure] and ended up on wrong floor from lift and had to ask. Got back and they whisked me straight off to theatre. Got home early afternoon and was told to go straight to bed which I actually was happy to do. Now just to get recovery- have to wear white compression stockings for eight weeks after bandages come off. Will be a right sight trying on wedding outfits.:wow: Had one of my brides round today and she has chosen one of my sample invites so can get stuck in there once the supplies come. Spent this afternoon working it all out and ordering online. Now to start son's samples this week. Hope you are all well GH xo
  12. golden hippie

    3 inch booklet tutorial using one 12 x 12 sheet of paper

    Fab Kate. I did it with a class last year. Worked so well and great way of using up 12 x 12. GH xo
  13. golden hippie

    Baby girl stepper card

    Beautiful,Louise. She will love it. GH xo
  14. golden hippie

    hi everyone

    Hello Rosie I am sure you are looking forward to your break here in the Emerald Isle. Will you be over for St Patrick's day & all the celebrations? Hope you are keeing fine since the op and that the other one comes round quick enough. My BIL had both done a few years ago and has never looked back. GHxo
  15. golden hippie

    Birthday Club

    Thnaks for the pm & replies on the thread. Still not heard from some peeps yet so just bumping this up. GHxo