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  1. ldh91

    Help Needed

    Ok so printer wise it did not work. 😩 Any other ideas?
  2. ldh91

    Help Needed

    Thankyou ill give that a try. Ive just recently started up doing invitations and wedding stationary this is my first hurdle. Im sure many more to come. I don’t suppose You know of any good printers out there that can do everything ie print on card, both side printing, photo prints and most of all accept different sized paper? Any information would be more than appreciated!
  3. ldh91

    Help Needed

    I currently own the Epson xp-202 printer so far ive found it ok for general invitation use. However i am needing to print onto a 5x7 card the only way this wil fit into my printer is landscape way up. (imagine it not folded) i set my layout in micro soft word to landscape and put all information on the document the way i want it to print thinking once printed it will be the correct way and all will be good. Wrong!!!😩😩 so i print out and it just prints out portrait way right across the whole card 😩 Can anyone help!? How can i get my document to print off correctly onto my 5x7 card that will only fot into my printer landscape way up