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  1. Loolabell

    Pre-wash or not?

    Hi Bugweed's, Thanks for the info. I have looked at Lewis & Irene fabrics as suggested and they look great. I have added them to my favorite suppliers list. Many thanks.
  2. Loolabell

    Pre-wash or not?

    Hi, Just wondering if other members pre-wash sewing fabrics prior to making up. I have never pre-washed my materials but I have been told by an experienced dress maker that I should be. I am using cottons and cotton mixes for dressmaking and cushion covers, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Loolabell

    Pre-wash or not?

    Hi Lindylo, thanks for replying. I would be really upset if my sewing projects shrank so I suppose I had better start washing before sewing. I normally want to get stuck into a new pattern as soon as I have bought it but maybe some patience is in order.