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    Candlemaking, Jewellery making, Paper Crafts, Sewing (just getting into) Photography, Vintage VW Beetles!!!
  1. candlemakermaggie

    100% handmade items

    hehe, lifes no fun if you follow ALL the rules. (tho I didnt know about those ones)
  2. candlemakermaggie

    100% handmade items

    Ah I got in trouble, had to remove it, the link to "handmade" is in my signature bar though x
  3. candlemakermaggie

    100% handmade items

    Now wouldn't that be the most beautiful place? Im Maryann, mum of 5, Candlemaker and photographer.
  4. candlemakermaggie

    A few cards from last 2 days! Enjoy x

    Wow you have been a busy bee! Very nice x
  5. candlemakermaggie

    Where do we all live?

    Colchester, Essex
  6. candlemakermaggie


    I havent come across any yet. Will keep my eyes out for them
  7. candlemakermaggie

    What's your favorite fragrance?

    YSL Parisienne!
  8. candlemakermaggie


    hehe! Yes im very lucky. But its all been hard work to get it!
  9. candlemakermaggie


    I do, im also a photographer, you could say I make pictures lol, I also sew and have been known to make cards and jewellery. But I don't sell those. I leave that to the other artists in the shop
  10. candlemakermaggie


    Well hello there then! lol Nice to meet you, What do you create?
  11. candlemakermaggie


    I haven't been about in a age!! I've been setting up my new shop and then moving it again lol!! (currently settled in colchester) Not even sure if anyone still uses the forum?
  12. candlemakermaggie

    Candle decorating tequniques

    Thanks ladies, Im loving all these ideas, Theres always room for more though! I think im going to try the tissue paper technique today
  13. candlemakermaggie

    Candle decorating tequniques

    Its rather quiet in my little shop today, So I fancy really trying to "pretty up" some plain candles. Any ideas how? or what I could do? Theres lots of craft shops here so all supplies are at my fingertips
  14. candlemakermaggie

    good morning

    Hi jacqui, Welcome to the forum x
  15. candlemakermaggie

    Beautiful basket of poppies

    Thats really gorgeous!