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  1. HappyGoth


    That's a great idea Bigbunniesuk. I'll have a trawl and see if I can get the stickers I want. Thanks!
  2. HappyGoth


    I have recently returned to card making after more than 2 decades away! Things have changed so much what with the rise of the internet! Gone are the days of trawling the classifieds and adverts in only a few craft magazines which were published back then. Anyway, back then I had some silver and gold stickers to put on the back of the cards I made saying 'Made especially for you by Jacqui'. I now want some more of these stickers as my partner has joined me and would like his own stickers! I have done a pretty good search online but I don't seem to be able to find similar stickers that don't cost the earth! The originals were on a roll, silver and gold with black writing. If I remember rightly you could choose the font from about choice of half a dozen. I can't remember the name of the company unfortunately, but I would be very grateful if someone could recommend somewhere with reasonable prices. Many thanks