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  1. Jinkie

    Question about packets of craft buttons.

    Well I havent heard anything since, so I am presuming they either don't like my question or can't be bothered! Yep, I got my money back but I won't be buying their buttons in the future...
  2. Jinkie

    Question about packets of craft buttons.

    Well, the company wrote back saying 'some' are recycled but not the ones I had bought. They advised I return them to the shop I bought them from, which I have (managing to retrieve some from the bin as they had fallen on top of a plastic wrapper) showing them the email, and the dirty buttons, and was given a refund but I am still waiting to see what they may say about which buttons are recycled and why the ones I bought were dirty/ marked etc. Watch this space! Analoguecat; great idea!
  3. Jinkie

    Question about packets of craft buttons.

    Thanks for replying, it was me being useless not being able to contact the maker, I was searching for Trimits instead of Groves! I have sent an enquiry into this and I'll let you know the outcome. Jx
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if those packets of craft buttons you can buy are new (surplus stock?) or have actually been cut off clothing? I bought a packet today and thought some of them looked dirty almost like they had been in soil! I threw the dirty ones away but can't return the pack as I have already glued lots of them into something. I have been trawling the internet but can't seem to find any information about them. Can anyone shed any light on this? (I even tried finding the manufacturer to contact but failed... don't know if that's just me being uselesss though!)