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  1. Migoto Chou

    Bright Earrings

    What a fun design!! Very whimsical!
  2. Migoto Chou

    Diamond Pattern Bracelet

    Love the colors and design! The addition of a toggle clasp does add class!
  3. Migoto Chou

    My satin cord bracelet

    Sooo pretty! I love anything with lots of colors!
  4. I have made new patterns using seed beads Also, I love hearing new ideas for patterns!
  5. Migoto Chou

    Thats' It!

    How exciting! Have a wonderful trip!
  6. Migoto Chou

    I'm Back... Again!

    Thank you all so much!
  7. Migoto Chou

    wire and bead dragonfly

    That is gorgeous! I love the wings, and the style of the body. Very nice!
  8. Migoto Chou

    shrink plastic

    I *love* the feathers!! Very creative idea!
  9. Migoto Chou

    My works :)

    How pretty! I love the purpley blue pair!
  10. Migoto Chou

    I'm Back... Again!

    After another long hiatus, I am back again! lol We've been very busy the past year! We moved across the country... Twice! And are still in just a temporary apartment until we find a house! I've been occupying my time making lots of bead patterns since most of my actual crafting materials are in storage. (Yuck!) I have a few things out, but I am all the time noticing other little things that I wish I had with me! I am very thankful for this little apartment, but I can not wait to be able to actually unpack all of our belongings. It has been a year since we started packing things up, and most of them have been packed ever since! No fun! In the meantime, looking forward to getting back into the craftyness that goes on here!
  11. But they're not real... Each cookie measures 3/4" wide, and about 5/8" tall. Handmade from clay. Soon they will be turned into rings, pins, and charms for necklaces!
  12. Migoto Chou

    A princess party! :)

    I feel like this pattern is missing something... I'm thinking maybe a rainbow? Someone else mentioned a prince! What do you guys think?
  13. Migoto Chou

    How to sell your creations?

    Hmm... You could do a sort of referral program. If one of your current customers brings in a new customer, you could give them both a discount on their purchase. Would that work with the way the shop is set up?
  14. Migoto Chou

    Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes

    Hehe... That sounds like fun! The look so neat, and they are making my mouth water! lol
  15. I haven't shared anything here in so long! It's great to be back! <3 Here is my very latest creations! The round beads measure right at 15mm wide. I topped them with a super shiny resin for shine and protection! I am having so much fun with these little guys! I am really excited about them because I have never seen anything like them before! What do you guys think??