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    Jewerly making
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    Count to 1,000,000

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    Hi there thanks to all that replied with your support, Im ok i am just struggling with this posting lark. Hoping to be a pro at it one day like some of you obviously are. Feeling much better now that Im not alone. A BIG BIG thanks to you all. xxxx :cheese:
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    welcome to every one new out there, lets hope you get the hang of it better than i have ! :-S
  4. Huney Buney

    Ummmm ... where to start ???

    If I were you I wud Google it and see what you can find. Happy hunting x
  5. Huney Buney

    crafty goodies

    Hi Kate just posted my vote x
  6. Huney Buney

    A big big thanks

    :cheese: Woops! i think ive just replied to one of my own postings, will get the hang of this one day - maybe. Just wanted to say a really big thanks to everyone who replied to my intro, im really looking forward to chatting to you all and showing some of my work - once i figure out how this all works. xxxx
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    New and never done this before

    hi there, i would just like to say a big thanks to all of you who replied. Im having fun already just browsing and having a go at different things on this site. Look forward to chatting with you all again soon. xxxxxx :cheese:
  8. Huney Buney

    Count to 1,000,000

  9. Huney Buney

    Came and went.........

    well done on your momentous occasion :coolsmile: . Hope as a newbie to be there myself one day.
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    Exciting News!

    Hi there everyone, im really looking forward to the new mag. Sounds like it could be a really interesting read. :-)
  11. Huney Buney

    hello from London

    Hi there, I'm new to all this too, so like you I'm looking forward to making loads of new friends. hope to speak to you soon.
  12. Hi to everyone out there, my name is Katrina and I'm a very busy mum of 2. I'm very new to both crafting and forums so please be patient with me. I'm really into card making at the moment but as I'm just beginning I'm still unsure of how people will find my designs, so if you have any tips on how to overcome the card making shyness they will be most welcome. I work full time as a teaching assistant so this is my way of getting a little bit of piece and quiet. Id love to hear from anyone.