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  1. I have the booklet 'adorable friends' and have knit all the pieces to finnygan (toy fish) but I am struggling to understand the instructions for sewing the lips. Instructions are as follows: Fold piece in half lengthways with WS facing you, sew along centre line to form lip crease. Take each side in turn and fold back on itself to meet at centre stitched line. Sew lips in place, adding a little stuffing to pad them out. Once I've sewed the centre line and folded each side in on itself what parts to I sew? and how does this flatten out to form lips? I could use some pictorial instructions just to make sure I am sewing and folding as the pattern intends. I simply cannot see how the finished piece I have can be stuffed or sewn onto the main body of the fish. If anyone else has completed this pattern could you please explain to me how the lips are formed. I really do not understand the pattern thanks