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    Sewing Machines for beginners/newbies/amateurs etc

    Hello hope I posed this in the right place on the forum as just wanted to ask what kind of sewing Machine would you recommend for a complete beginner/newbie/amateur and what other equipment do I also need to get Stared. Beside that what kind of flask or travel cup would you recommend? any help would be great thank you for reading my message have a great day
  2. Hello has anyone ever got or used the Personalised clothing name stickers/labels instead of the sewing or ironing ones if so were is the best place to look Thank you for reading my message have a great day Oh forgot to ask can you use a laundry pen on the clothing label?
  3. Steampunk wolf howl

    Hello and happy new year to everyone

    Just to let everyone on here on the fourm who has read my Messages or who has reply to them I am talking a break at the moment to Focus on other stuff but I wish everyone the best of luck Hope my spelling was ok
  4. Steampunk wolf howl

    Craft Storage ideas

    Just wanted to ask What is the dest way to storage craft items that doesn't take up too much Space
  5. Steampunk wolf howl

    Happy new year swap

    Hello still can't believe another year has flown by so Thought I would start the new year with a big bang by hosting a happy new year swap I've never done one of these before so may need a little help. As With another year finished I thought why don't we celebrate with a happy new year swap it can be any craft you choose just as long it goes with the theme celebrating happy new year and I think the closing date should be 28 March 2017 which will give everyone interested enough time Anyone up for that
  6. Steampunk wolf howl

    Lost pen pals from this magazine

    Hello everyone my name is Natalie I am in my 30's from the Uk I was wondering if anyone can help me I can't remember if it was craft Beautiful magazine that had the pen pal section printed in their magazine as i used to have pen pals through the magazine unfortunately I don't remember names or contact details but I think they were from the Uk as well any help would be grateful but I am also up for new pen pals especially if anyone can help with a complete beginner when it comes to knitting, sewing and crossing stitching but I am into other crafts like card making, Mail art, artist trading cards, junk journalling, rubber stamping and zines I also want to get a sewing Machine but have no idea in what make to go for and has anyone tried there hands with a spinning wheel I also lost contact with other people through various publications Oh nearly forgot to say I want to start a blog and a you tube Channel but don't know where to begin Don't mind Snail Mail pals or e-pals
  7. Steampunk wolf howl

    Lost pen pals from this magazine

    Can you edit what you have posed on the forum
  8. Steampunk wolf howl

    Lost pen pals from this magazine

    What do you mean by Don't post your details on the open forum though as it will come up on Google searches and all sorts! Sorry I am a little confused