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  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to do something special for my Australian friends, this Halloween. I make quite good candies and my friends from Australia just loves it. I'm thinking of sending them some home made candies with spooky colors and designs on them. I've even purchased these packages to wrap them up. But unfortunately the ones I bought are the plain ones and so, I was thinking of doing some Halloween designs over it. So I need ideas on what I can do. Plus, what kind of paint do you think would stick on the RPET material? Please do help me with your solutions and ideas. Thanks in advance.
  2. Amaya264

    Selling unwanted Craft Items!

    I think amazon and Ebay takes off scrap stuffs. Just try inquiring there.
  3. Amaya264

    This Halloween.

    Hey what are you guys doing this Halloween. Share your creative decoration ideas.
  4. Amaya264

    Secret Santa this year?

    I like doing all sorts of craft. But I don't know why I hate knitting. Just don't get it right. I guess I'm not good with threads.
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    Hey all!

    Hey everyone! It's so nice to be here.