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    Zey The Mouse Video, and photo of 'Fun House' set!

    I agree, emergencyexit42, it wouldve been cool for Buzz and the gang especially XR to have been featured in House of Mouse. ___
  2. ThorTask

    Is it too late to register to review products??

    I've heard of their products but haven't used them first hand. I think it's pretty good stuff. ___
  3. ThorTask

    HUGO the Hedgehog

    Im in New Zealand Not quite the end of the earth...but you can see it from here ___
  4. ThorTask

    Bamboo v's Metal crochet hook

    hello i bought a pattern recently for a curtain and needs a crochet hook No B. Do you know the number in mm?? ___
  5. ThorTask

    User name email address warning !!

    Steinz isnt on much and neither is admin. Me and Mickoes come on the most. I mean, have you seen the forum? My name is on every topic. XD
  6. Thanks again girls I never thought about hammering my links a bit to make them stronger. When you say working the wire? What do you mean?
  7. ThorTask

    Current projects

    dude Nice projects. I hope to see more of your Projects out and about when you travel...that is if you do travel. Im in Tulsa, ok so I wont see you till you travel.
  8. ThorTask

    November Swaps...To be with me by 30th November xxx

    I sent mine out almost three weeks ago, have they not arrived yet?