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  1. fishnet

    may 6x6 scrap page swap sign up

    am i right in saying that i am posting to silver custard and shelly hope...... my comp has died so have had to go down to the local library......i will try to keep in touch....... if i am right then can you pm me your address then i can send them unless your on the rak list....
  2. fishnet

    may 6x6 scrap page swap sign up

    am i right in saying that i am posting to silver custard and shelly hope...... my comp has died so have had to go down to the local library......i will try to keep in touch....... if i am right then can you pm me your address then i can send them unless your on the rak list....
  3. fishnet

    The CB Fairytale Story

    but this was not normal paint pot......it belongs to the elf at the bottom ov the garden and he was not to happy that it was not in its usual place.....under the rainbow catching the colour that dripped from it.... well he came along with his hordes off elflings to....
  4. I DO... just left a long totally stupid message about a party jade is invited to...then as i was ending it i sed sorry for the long stupid TXT!!!!! then...instead of hanging up carried on making a fool ov myself by saying sorry and that yes i know its not a txt but a phone call...... aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhh :ahhh:
  5. fishnet

    What is your Top 10 Crafty Wishlist?

    to find a nice man who owns a craft shop and lets me use the stuff for free....... that is it... oh and for him to build me a big room with storage etc for all the free stuff i get from him....
  6. fishnet

    >:-( hand up if u hate answering machines

    i dont know why i dont learn ...i shud just not bother leaving messages coz i always do it....lol
  7. fishnet

    Help wanted with fancy dress party!

    no...see i am a guest....my dad is the captain my son jacob will be a sailor and they are all running it....so i need to be someone on the cruise ship on holiday...i didnt want to just wear normal stuff but cant think of what to do...
  8. fishnet

    Morning Friday!

    not really...she also has the hard choice off grandads fancy dress cruise party or her mates party on sat night....not sure which she is off to yet coz she wants to do both....
  9. fishnet

    Help wanted with fancy dress party!

    i want to do them now...do u fancy swapping partys coz i aint got a clue how to dress for a cruise...punk is easy and i love love love bananarama...
  10. fishnet


    hi...hope you enjoy the site...i do... i am 30 yrs old with 3 kids and i love card making and i do like cross stitch but i never seem to finish them off.....
  11. fishnet

    Hello to everyone

    this is a great site aint it.... even my daughter is signed up on it as well.. i have been taking part in the swaps and have had some great stuff sent.. hope you enjoy shada
  12. fishnet

    Hello from a newbie

    hi...and welcome.. i am shada (fishnet) i have 3 kids one of them is now a member on this site as well (sumat-random) i live in england with my dogs and have my mum and sister living with me at the mo.. i love making crads a,t.cs and hope to see you on the swap lists soon...
  13. fishnet


    welcome and hope you find this site as fun as i have..even my daughter has joined up so she can take part in the swaps...they are really good
  14. fishnet

    Morning Friday!

    she is now having a hunt in my craft stuff...she is fine which i am glad as its a huge bump...its on its way down now..so back to school monday
  15. fishnet

    Help wanted with fancy dress party!

    bananarama could be a good one to play with....80's style mad hair do...funky clothes www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n6chxpEINs or....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCHEO477u44&feature=related .....toyah wilcox hope this helps.....
  16. fishnet

    Morning Friday!

    she feels ok now...just making the most of the nurse saying she can stay off...while she was telling me about things to watch out for i was thinking..."why is she saying this in front of jade...does she not have kids...does she not know that she now knows what to say to sound ill.......!" lol.. oh well....she is gonna make the card for the card swap later on.. and i am off to look at the challenges...
  17. fishnet

    Help wanted with fancy dress party!

    i am doing fancy dress this weekend as well... my dad is doing a theme night...we are off on a cruise around the worls and there are going to be different ports off call with different activitys to do...shud be good will post sunday and let you know.... as for the fancy dress.....errrrr....you could dress up as one ov the beatles...john lennon shudnt need explaing if you wear the round glasses and a suit....or there is the lady who was on stage with no shoes on.....ELVIS (dont think anyone will do this lol) i wud just pick a singer with a signiture look for example if you wore cones on your top most people wud guess you were madonna... hope this helps.....now how do i dress for a cruise!!!!!
  18. fishnet

    Count to 1,000,000

    707... yeah its still going.......
  19. fishnet

    Morning Friday!

    jules hope your dog is ok.... well.....yesterday i sed i was off to coffee morning to do some paper crafts.....i got the wrong week.....duh i came back home to a phone call from my soon to be ex husband informing me he will be taking his new girlfriend to meet his mum and that his mum was worried i wont let her see the kids again if she meets her.....sore topic there..... then i did get to the book club and came back with a book called " the palace of strange girls" by sally day...no idea if its good gonna start that tonight as i was gonna start last night BUT...... at 8.30pm jade came in with what can only be described as half an egg stuck on her forehead.....she decided to run up the ramps at the skate park coz she wanted to sit at the top only she never made it up coz she fell and head butted the ramp....so it was off to A&E;...got back at 11:30 which was not to bad..... she is now on the settee singing "yes my name is iggle piggle "over and over to noah coz he is on his way to sleep.... so i aint planning owt today not even to tidy.......
  20. fishnet

    Poll for store name!!

    i voted......hope all goes well with it ...when does it open...
  21. i keep getting all my stuff out...get set to make a card but cant coz i dont no what to do...its well annoying.....i got loads ov really nice new stuff but cant get anything to sit well together..... how annoying.... i want to make a card...
  22. fishnet

    Count to 1,000,000

  23. i loved the card you made with the things i sent down...it was relly good... i also love th bits you sent me including the little doll...
  24. fishnet

    Morning Thursday

    Hiya!! Its just past 5pm over here!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!! hope you HAD a great day...and sweet dreams when you sleep...lol its sunny here and i am off to a coffee morning at the libary. they are doing some paper craft...not sure what it is yet will let you all know later. then this afternoon me and my mum are off to a book club where the kids are meeting us after school...... i love the sun......
  25. fishnet

    hi..Im fishnets daughter

    hi baby girl...... love ya.... tee hee...just thought i wud show you up a bit coz thats wat mums do best...... happy crafting....... your atcs are really good as well