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  1. Sugarbuttercra1

    Easy paper party flowers

    I've been enjoying working with card paper these days. This is what i came up with, a paper flower with some beads. Perfect for any kind of parties and reusable too. l've posted most tutorials of my craft projects on my YouTube channel Thanks
  2. Sugarbuttercra1

    DIY cardboard heart basket.

    Thanks very much, much appreciated.
  3. Sugarbuttercra1

    DIY cardboard heart basket.

    Oh dear! I'm still new so still trying to find my way round. Any help of where to post this will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Sugarbuttercra1

    DIY cardboard heart basket.

    Hello , here is a project l recently finished, a cardboard heart basket using recycled cardboard. Perfect gift idea for a loved one or for Valentine l think. I do post some video tutorials of some of my projects on YouTube (sugar & butter DIY crafts), If you're interested to see how l made it feel free to check it out Sweeten your life with a little crafting.
  5. Sugarbuttercra1

    Hello everyone, newbie here.

    Hello everyone. Brand newbie crafter here trying to find my way around this beautiful place. I've attached a photo of a recent craft I finished. Hope to be a blessing here. Tanya