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  1. lizzie.lou

    Pretty Flutterbies issue 77

    I've knitted one of the flutterbies from issue 77. Has anyone else had a problem where the wings do not match? One wing has turned out beautifully shaped (left top wing). However the right top wing is cast off straight with no shaping. I only noticed this once I cast off as I'm relatively new and the project curls up quite a bit while knitting so I didn't notice! Please excuse the pinned to the sofa picture, it's to try and demonstrate what I'm talking about! If someone can spot either where I went wrong, or what the mistake is, I would really appreciate it. I'm disappointed as I started knitting this as a quick emergency project this evening for a present tomorrow and it is now not gift worthy Thanks!
  2. lizzie.lou

    Watermelon Clutch pattern help please?

    Hello. Any luck from HQ? Thanks
  3. lizzie.lou

    Watermelon Clutch pattern help please?

    Thank you, much appreciated
  4. lizzie.lou

    Watermelon Clutch pattern help please?

    Hi! I'm also having some trouble with this pattern and hope people can help! I found the corrections online which was a godsend as I was so confused with the pattern in the magazine which was incorrect. Ninjacat I hope you got the turn issue sorted out ok I have gotten to the end of the pattern and it says to pass the yarn through the stitches and secure. I'm confused as this doesn't leave it looking like the picture and just leaves lots of stitches that can be pulled and not holding the form. I thought this sort of ending is what you use with something like a hat or toy where you pull them altogether. Is this also a mistake and you are meant to cast off as usual? I'm new to knitting and to this forum so I hope this makes sense! Thanks!