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  1. Purplelisa46

    Sleepy Sunday

    Had an idea today I have made a candle using a picture my granddaughter had drawn me and then I thought if I copied a scan picture and put that on a candle we make a nice gift to tell family your expecting.the one in picture is my sons scan who now 22 lol.lisa xx
  2. Purplelisa46

    Sleepy Sunday

    Love the book marks its lovely to get the children crafting.😊 Thanks for the nice comments about the dream catcher trying to make the most of my machine but also trying to make something look a bit different.x
  3. Purplelisa46

    Sleepy Sunday

    Love the book marks its lovely to get the children crafting.😊 Thanks for the nice comments about the dream catcher trying to make the most of my machine but also trying to make something look a bit different.x
  4. Purplelisa46

    Sporty Saturday

    Hi ladies I haven't been on for a few days hope everyone is ok.counting down the days now to summer hols be nice having then extra three hours in the day not driving about.i have been waiting a week for a larger embroidery hoop I don't no why its taking so long they said 48 hour when I payed for it through ebay tried ringing today but was a answer phone message,hope ut comes soon.been making a dream catcher for my granddaughter Desireè she choose all the colours the main circle I change the cotton half wat throw to see what pattern we would get .have still got some more feathers yo make.going to have some wine now have a good evening.lisa xx
  5. Purplelisa46


    Evening ladies have a fab hols Eliza enjoy the casino sounds fun knitting queen and sorry to hear about the leaking roof.today I have been making candles for my grandson beau s teachers and helpers to say thankyou.also made myself a cushion on embroidery machine and very excited ordered a large hoop hopefully cone in the week .lisa x
  6. Purplelisa46


    Hi ladies hope you all have had a good day.brought my first craft beatifull mag yesterday I can say I am hooked now loving the doughnut puffee and the little knitted birds .havent done much in the way of craft today made a funny candle for sons girlfriend and I dud alittle more embroidery on cushion cover my g didn't come out right so will try and hand embroider it in think maybe couple more butterflies and one more fairy on the left.xc
  7. Purplelisa46

    Wednesday go get it Wales

    Just a quick one got to go dentist in a min.stakreem(Linda I think ?)I git my soluble backing off ebay not the film the mesh.I did find doing the dream catcher I had to double up as it tore a couple of times doubled up it was great.have good day all xlisa
  8. Purplelisa46


    Knitting queen the parade looks good fun shame about the weather.well today I had yo rush a make a dream catcher for my step granddaughter she was very precise in what she wanted.i started it half seven this morning and you think doing on a machine uts fool proof but no three attempts later.i just used bits I had in my stash box.
  9. Purplelisa46


    Morning Eliza I share your frustration with the school that is ridiculous.perhaps they should say they ste on strike they do it.my granddaughter is off today because they ate on strike.x
  10. Purplelisa46

    Monday s sunny day

    Towst i give alot away to friends and family also will be doing some craft fairs soon.The wolf ones ate my favours such beatifull animals i am expecting my son to want them as he loves anything with a wolf on.started by embroidery want to add some butterflies going from fairy over the flowers.having a glass of red as no school run tomorrow grandaughters teacher on strike.night ladies xx
  11. Purplelisa46

    Monday s sunny day

    Me again dye seems to have worked great the cushion covers where 49 p each going to embroider some nice vintage designs and butterflies on them .😊
  12. Purplelisa46

    Monday s sunny day

    Morning ladies been doing some more candles made my sister a funny one as part of her birthday pressie.been out with my mum alot.picked up some credit bargins in esk table clothes napkins and cushion covers to embroider on got some of it in washing machine dyeing it aqua messy job.have a great day.xx
  13. Purplelisa46


    Its not my dogs crafty nannie I have a mixture of dogs three ate rescue we have a yellow lab staffy cross lab long haired jack Russell and a jack Russell x Chou.x
  14. Purplelisa46


    Hi ladies nice to here what you ladies have been upto sounds like you have sorted your cot problem s out it seems such a long time ago mine was that small.linda love the crochet flowers.after a few failed attempts of trying to copy a photo to add to a candle I have done yippee.
  15. Purplelisa46


    Sorry I missed that earlier congratulations mrs Suzie.finished my flower and did a black box for a change the napkin I use has given a very faint pattern to it .