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  1. Creek & Canyon

    New Craft Enthusiasts

    Thanks Eliza28! Do you have any images of your sculptured dolls? Would love to see them.
  2. Creek & Canyon

    My pyrography brooches

    Really nice style you have. Good luck with the fairs Thanks for sharing!
  3. Creek & Canyon

    Simple birthday cards

    Nice cards for a good cause, well done!!
  4. Creek & Canyon

    New Craft Enthusiasts

    Thanks for the welcomes! We are producing greeting (occasion) cards at the moment. Jack spent months travelling Europe and capturing it with his camera. We decided to put his great photo's to use. Doing this has let us experiment with different papers and cards along with stamping and inking. All been fun so far! Tim
  5. Creek & Canyon

    Final Mulberry - Purple and Peel-offs

    Nice Purple card collection! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Creek & Canyon

    New Craft Enthusiasts

    Hi there, we are Jack and Tim, two friends that have just started a creative venture together. We live in Brighton & Hove UK. This is our first forum and community joined so looking forward to gaining tips and being inspired. Hopefully we can share our experiences with everyone and contribute. thanks Jack & Tim