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  1. Hello everyone I am away from home and really want to knit the monkey pattern that appeared in both knitting and crochet and let's knit I can't seem to access the free pattern online. Can anyone help?
  2. Reevesyy93

    In need of help! Toy truck from LGC magazine

    I'm unsure whether I'm spose to knit all of the stitches in 27 as the have been separated into three parts and my yarn is left in the centre of the Middle piece not at the end of the piece so how can I knit 16 k2tog and knit rest when I only have 9 on that needle and 15 on each of the others
  3. Reevesyy93

    In need of help! Toy truck from LGC magazine

    I've got 39 which is correct in total 15 stitches left Unworked from row 17 15 left on one needle and 9 on the other (Row 18-26k16 k2tog byf turn) I believe it's the shaping of the cab part But now row 27 asks me to k16 k2tog and then k to end leaving 38 sts I'm unsure what I'm actually to knit
  4. I'm stuck on row 27, if anyone has completed this project can you help please I'm confused as the numbers of stitches aren't adding up to the instructions