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    Hello from a keen knitter

    Hello ,I'm new to all this but thought I would pop on here for a chat. I live in Huddersfield , W Yorkshire England and the heavens have decided to open this afternoon , hence me browsing. I'm a keen knitter and would love to use this forum to offer help or guidance and to get help too. I am building up my portfolio of knitting patterns which are Ravelry / Craftsy and a few free ones too on my blog I just generally love knitting though and end up selling my creations on line. I have learnt so much about knitting these last few years and dying to learn more. My current passion is Mosaic knitting. Anyone here tried it? would love to hear from you.
  2. The Feminine Touch

    Hello from a newbie

    hello I'm new to the forums ,so please bare with me. I live in Huddersfield , West Yorkshire ; its a rainy afternoon ,so I thought I'd do a little browsing and chatting. I am not working at the moment ,so do lots of crafty stuff , and find myself on-line a lot too. I love reading blogs , so if anyone has one they want me to take a read of , then let me know. Sandra