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  1. judesav1

    Toddler dress

    Ended up having to buy the book I should have read it through properly and looked at the pattern pieces. Feel a bit miffed though.
  2. judesav1

    Toddler dress

    Just realised that this forum exists! Posted to wrong one earlier. I'm having a problem with dress pattern from issue 68. The cutting layout confuses me as it mentions 'skirt rectangle', and there seems to be 2 solid cutting lines on the back piece A. think I typed the wrong piece on previous forum! Doh!! It says Learn with Sue Kim, but I'm getting more confused than anything else 😕. Help!!!!
  3. judesav1

    Toddler dress

    I'm pretty new to this. I'm having difficulty understanding the pattern for the dress in issue 68. Why are there 2 solid cutting lines for the back, the part labelled B? Can anyone help please? Thanks