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  1. SarahLynch

    Flower Headband help

    Ah, so when I ch in a row, in the next row I do not count it as a stitch? That'll explain where I'm going wrong. Thanks!
  2. I'm teaching myself to crochet using Issue 68 of the magazine by I'm struggling with the flower headband pattern. When making the headband itself Rows 3 and 4 seem to increase the number of stitches each time, with no decreasing. Row 3 is miss stitch, dc, miss stitch, (1tr, 1ch, 1tr, 1ch, 1tr) into one stitch and Row 4 is the same but with a different starting point. No matter how I try to read it I'm adding stitches all the time. Is there an error in the pattern and one row is supposed to have decreases in it somewhere? Thanks for your help.