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    Game - Change one letter

    New game for you A five letter word which you have to change to another word by changing just one letter. (i.e. Rival to Liver by changing the a to an e) Let's start with an easy one: House
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  3. Cambiel

    The Times Two Game

    You know the game I mean.. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. So here we go then 2
  4. Cambiel


    hear, hear! HOPE YOU;RE SOON FEE;ING BETTER HON X (oops soz about caps lock)
  5. Cambiel

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi de hi....... just stopping by :-) {{{{Laverne}}}}} What a time of it you're having. This is a bad time of year for the elderly, but shocking to hear about Martin. Hope you are bearing up and the craft classes are good therapy for you in this long old winter. xxx Love and {{{{{hugs}}}}} to all xxx
  6. Cambiel

    Copyrights Issues on Finished Items

    Hmm... but what about the thousands of professional dressmakers who sell the clothes they make from patterns? I think the pattern companies would go out of business if no-one was allowed to use them in the course of their profession. Just a thought, and it's probably a whole different ball game as far as papercrafting etc is concerned.
  7. Cambiel

    Collective project

    I like the idea of a community project and happy to contribute most anything except crochet, which I've never managed to get the hang of. What will happen to the finished item?
  8. Cambiel

    Decorate a Shopping Bag Challenge - CLOSED

    Hi Crafty nannie, are you putting some text in the body of the message you are trying to post? System will not allow you to post a blank message. Hope this helps, else I am stumped too! lol
  9. What a lovely idea - they are fab:)
  10. Cambiel

    Prelim Sketches of a lilys

    They are truly lovely Natalie - and you have captured the delicate softness of the petals just perfectly! xx
  11. Cambiel

    Painted hard shell gourds and cypress knees

    fabulous creations you have made Stakreem! They are all so artistic and natural. I just love them - especially the lady in the Lake.
  12. Cambiel

    Butterfly & leaf clock

    Oh wowee Louise, the clock is just beautiful!! You should deffo keep it or give only to someone very close to you. Fabulous work xx
  13. Cambiel

    Favourite Quotes!

    Shirley Conran's quote from a book way back (sorry, cannot remember its name) "Life's too short to stuff a mushroom"
  14. Cambiel

    mad thought

    I have not crafted in ages, but looking around my craft room, I probably have enough to last me several years, plus another year or three of craft magazines to read!
  15. Cambiel

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hello everyone! :-) Just poking my head through the door after a verrrrrry long absence! Hope all are keeping well and happy. Have seen some lovely, lovely cards being made :-) Am going to try my hand at one or two of Silvia's Bell shaped easel cards. Have not crafted in such a long time as been so busy building my home business, but with Christmas round the corner, I have the urge to create again! Love to all, Chris xx
  16. Cambiel

    Homemaker Mag

    I saw this advertised online too. So glad to hear people saying it is worth the money, thank you! Am going to try and get a copy in my local WHS this afternoon :-)
  17. Cambiel

    The Good Morning Thread

    Only a flying visit from me I'm afraid. I saw that quite a few are under the weather, so here are some {{{{{{{{{Special Hugs}}}}}}}}}} for everyone and hope you will all soon be in the pink[/b] :-) Catch up soon Chris xxx
  18. Cambiel

    Jubilee challenge winners are.....

    wowee! thank you so much Louise - I am really chuffed to have been chosen as one of the winners. I think all the other entries are just wonderful, so am delighted to be among them. Did not realise there was a prize so that is extra special! Thank you very much hon xxx
  19. Cambiel

    Baby card comission card

    Wonderful card Maggie, and I love what you did with the ribbon! Looks very stylish and expensive if you had to buy it. Well done xx
  20. Cambiel

    So much for that idea :(

    Awww Louise hunny, I am so sorry about your oven. I was wondering how you were getting on with the new one Hope the next new one fits ok and all will be plain sailing very soon! xxx
  21. Cambiel

    Psainting within a painting

    wow that is a beautiful picture... feels serene and lovely. Wish I was her! lol Fabulous work Artym xx
  22. Cambiel

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good evening all (actually, soon be morning! lol) Not here as often as I would like (health and personal probs), but still feel this is my crafting spiritual home, and so glad to see some "old" faces too. Have been wanting to do more crafting but the amount of organisation/tidying my craft space needs is massively daunting! Still, one of these days .... :-) {{{{{hugs}}}}}} to all Love, Chris xxx
  23. Cambiel

    Jubilee self decorations

    WOW!! Love those nails Louise, how patient must you have been! They are fantastic :-)
  24. Cambiel

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hello one and all! Just popped by to wish everyone a fabby Jubilee weekend! Will be watching the flotilla on the Thames in a mo' and my Sis will be round later. Love and hugs to all, and may your Jubilation know no bounds this weekend :-) Chris xx
  25. Cambiel

    So much for that idea :(

    So sorry about your oven Louise, and I do hope you will get your new one in time for next weekend's party. Hope you are enjoying the weekend anyway xx