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    Hello everybody I'm new to the forum so please go easy on me I like to craft to escape the day job stress! I'm "self-taught" so always open to new instructions. So far I've tried: jewellery making, knitting, sewing, glass painting, card making, cross stitching and paper cutting. I'm looking forward to "meeting" new crafters. x
  2. ByEviebell

    Patchwork Bunting

    That's so pretty
  3. ByEviebell

    multi media wallhanging

    This is a great idea... I love it. I really want to try mixed media in the future. (I'll never throw any packaging away ever again!)
  4. ByEviebell

    jerry the mouse

    He's adorable!
  5. ByEviebell

    Stash busting blanket

    Hello! This is lovely I think I'll give one of these a go when I've finished with my current commissions. What a great idea! Thanks, E x
  6. ByEviebell

    Buying a sewing machine online

    Thanks for sharing the link - I've subtly sent it to my husband as a hint for a birthday present. I was given a Silvercrest machine by my Mum a few years back but I think it's on it's way out Thanks! E x
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    Thanks everyone x