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    Thanks for nice words. I'm struggling a bit .powers that be don't help..register death..sorry no sppointment till late Friday..means no funeral arrangemenys until next Monday. .now registering today but can't do it locally.. the home have been help ful .went to sort her room ..offered her decent clothes to them and they said leave what you don't want we'll sort it all. Saved us a big task. I did do a bit of knitting last night.. Hope everyone is crafty
  2. Eliza28


    Just to let you know my aunt passed this afternoon, we were with her this morning, she was much calmer than yesterday..
  3. Eliza28


    Good about the knees.. Saw my Aunt yesterday..harsh as this sounds the sooner the better..she is so distressed and is fighting it..it was hard to see her..I tried to calm her but she was wailing, hurt to watch, as one of the carers said you wouldn't see an animal suffee like this but we have to watch people. .Got a call last night saying her breathing had changed but this morning she is still with us.. We have to go shopping as first day back from holiday..I had all 2 weeks of laundry pegged out at 6.00am We will go see her after we get the shopping home..I feel myself it may be tomorrow. .my aunt is from dads side but tomorrow my uncle from mums side is 94..family history. .dad died on his cousins birthday..mum died on my aunt's birthday..mum's sister died on my burthday..etc. I've started the front of jumper I was going to knit on holiday..think at home I should do it quick. Stay crafty..if I'm missing you know why..I'll get sorted on other things once my head is straight. .until then.
  4. Eliza28


    Where are you all..
  5. Eliza28


    Morning crafters seems cooler this morning, we are having a leisurely breakfast then home, calling to see my aunt on the way, I feel the coming days may be hard so the coward in me is a little worried, helping my own parents and my FiLs 2 wifes I coped with as they were dignified but I feel this may be different. Su2ie, how's your little girls knee, when you said about her falling I remembered me as a child, I no sooner started to heal than I went agsin, I still have the scars, really sorry but I can't remember spam posters seemed to be on here in force yesterday, they are so annoying. Well have a happy Sunday, my next posting will be from home, although I think a busy rather stressful time may be ahead, I hope I cope with it all, hubby tries but he just can't do things other than hold my hand, stress wise he's much worse than I am. oh joy, definitely a time to craft.
  6. Eliza28

    sunny Saturday

    Another hot day..we have strolled around Tewkesbury. .quite a few craft and art fairs..a lovely one in the Abbey Hall..I was honest and said I crafted, had a nice chat with a few of the crafty people in there. Still not bought anything except some ribbons.. stocking up for stump work. Got through to the home..the phones were ringing out but not in..they never realised until late in the day .. my aunt is more settled..she can no longer swallow tablets they were worried they would choke her so she is now on morphine. .having said that she asked for breakfast but only nibbled a bit. Think she is sleeping a lot. Seen 3 weddings at the Abbey..we managed a look in between the services. Stay crafty..looking forward to getting going on crafts again..not missed them much..sat in hotel courtyard this afternoon reading up on stump work..
  7. Eliza28

    sunny Saturday

    Another nice day..we have a lovely room overlooks a flower filled courtyard but it is so hot..window wide open..fan in room on full and Abbey clock chiming every quarter means not much sleep..hada nice evening. .a girl singing in bar until 10.00 then we sat in courtyard until midnight. .a day of wandering around Tewkesbury today..we may hop on bus if we feel like it. Home tomorrow straight after breakfast and will call in the care home..still no news on my aunt..I tried phoning 3 times yesterday but no answer..never known that happen before so wonder if something wrong with their phoneline..she's being looked after..hubby says I have to stop worrying and enjoy last day as it may be a strange week when we get home. Going to do stump work..been reading the book I got..have 2 garments part knit..2 embroiderys i want to turn into something once they are finished a hexy quilt to finish..what did I say awhile back I'll only have one craft being worked on at any one time. Never mind. Stay crafty
  8. Eliza28


    Morning crafters Moving today..we have had a lovely week in Cornwall. .visited a nice place each day and my arthritis has been reasonably well behaved..if it wasn't for the fact I want to get home fory aunt I think I'd be sorry to leave..still a couple of days left..we plan to break the journey to Tewkesbury at another National Trust house ..worth every penny we pay for our membership then onto hotel where we will park the car until Sunday morning .. lazu Saturday. Only things I have bought crafty are a bracelet of peridots and a necklace of rose quarts which I intend to pull apart and remake into new jewelley and 3 craft books all on embroidery. .. still my to do list is full of projects. I am hoping I may come across a haberdashery in Tewkesbury as I would love to take a nice piece of background plain crean linen home.. although I still intend to finish my WIP'S before I start new makes..maybe not the paper piecing quilt as that's for a winter make - I think. Have a nice Friday..wish I could remember all that had been written by you all but sorry.. Sent FiL a couple of texts yesterday but no answer so sounds as though he is really resting or sulking as we are not there..no news from the home about my aunt so I'm hoping she is resting and is less distressed .I'm sure they will have her on better pain relief now..she was refusing to take tablets early Iin the week..blaming the tablets for fact she waa in pain..she's forgotten she fell. Right better make breakfast ..we are almost ready to pack car although dear hubby is snoring still.
  9. Eliza28


    We had bacon for tea..using up bits in fridge..so bacon with jacket potatoes snd cheese. .sounds weird but it was ok. Yes Liz my FiL should be fine but this is dramatic FiL.. nothing straight forward..drama queen. He'll be wearing an eye patch and dark glasses for weeks..then it will be time for second eye doing May even need a parrott on his shoulder. .a friend had hers done in the morning and was at her brother in laws funeral at 2.00..FiL is going to rest all weekend. I'm needing mine doing soon..not quite ready yet or thats what they said last year..I'm due another check. No more news on my aunt. Finished knitting back of my jumper so packed it..guess it will be sitting on a bed Friday and Saturday evening...no point trying to knit..in future it will be crochet or embroidery for holiday crafts..to be honest I've not missed crafting..feel my brain has had a good rest....going to finish WIP's first and then all systems go for new ideas. Keep crafting.
  10. Eliza28


    Been to Falmouth. .didn't set out for there but it was raining so kept driving. Then did park n ride or rather park n float so got a boat ride was nice and sunny by then...really enjoyed it and inspiring shops..so more ideas for to do list. No news on my aunt..hubby won't let me phone them ''they will let you know if there is any news - you'll only end up stressing''.. he's right. Suzy thanks for pm. Right packing to do..first stage of heading north tomorrow. . Hope no-one has melted yet.
  11. Eliza28


    Can't sleep..still so hot and I guess I'm waiting for news on my aunt. .it will be a blessing for her if she can leave peacefully. She has not coped well with age catching up on her. Today FiL goes for his first cataract operation so I can see a fun week on our return. It has been a waste of time bringing my knitting away.. I thought I would take home a finished jumper as it's a lacy design knit on quite big needles but back is still not finished although nearly there. I think crochet or embroidery are better holiday crafts..which is what I normally bring. I have got a few ideas for new needlework panels one the gardens on St Michaels Mount another using vintage fabrics plus a few thoughts on what I can use the alternative embroidery on that I was working on. So many ideas for things I don't really need Well I'm yawning and I've cooled a bit so see if the land of nod will accept me Stay crafty
  12. Eliza28


    Feeling guilty now..had another call from the home..she has taken a dip and her doctors have put her on end of life care.good point is she is now in bed and not as aware of the pain..tried change bookings for hotels as too far for hubby to drive all the way in a day but we can't so it's still going to be Sunday.. have to put hubby first bad as that makes me sound. .I always said my aunt would shout ''wolf'' once too many times... We were in the Eden project when I got the call.. we sat a while then got on with the visit which was good. .shuttle bus back to car park and rest of walking I managed as gentle slopes. Hope everyone is okay..sorry to throw a damper on you. .I can't even tell my daughter as she is on a course for work so don't want to upset her in case she fails..plus she is 140 miles from home. Right going to do some knitting. Sorry to whinge.
  13. Eliza28


    Supposed to be cooler but can't say I noticed it overnight. .got photos sent of grandkids last night..Sophia asleep on her bedroom floor and Harry sat in garden with just a towel over him as he'd just had a cool shower. Think we are going to Eden Project today..been too warm previous days. We last went just after it opened. Bought an embroiders guild book on Stumpwork yesterday..a bit different for me. Sat out knitting and playing scrabble last night but had to come back in as ants were running all over me..hubby said it's your imagination just as you spotted one..I put my leg close to his and they ran on him..think we'd better go in he then said. Struggling knitting. .expected to take a finished jumper home..I've knit less than 3 of the 10 balls ..last 2 days here then we go to Twekesbury. My aunt. the home is talking she may have to move to another home since her fall she is screaming all the time. .saying she can't move. .she has hurt base of her spine. .doctor suggested a few days bed rest but she refusing so is screaming it's hurts as she's sat on it..it's taking 3 members of staff to move her and they are only a care not nursing home.. the admin lady called me..we could do with you visiting .I said we are away until Sunday.. Right battery low .signal going off Be crafty
  14. Eliza28

    totally tropical Tuesday

    Such a hot spell of weather..can't believe it. Went to St Michaels Mount and I got very slowly to the castle. .found coming down the hardest. .it seemed to put more strain on my joints but I did it. then St Ives..used shuttle bus so that wasn't bad. Too hot to really look in shops but enjoyed sitting by the harbour watching the world go by while sipping a cool drink Today is a rest day our cottage is shaded by trees so in this heat that is good. Hope everyone is well and crafting. Struggling getting on forum so not had chance to read much.
  15. Eliza28

    Manic Monday

    Quick hello..going to st Michaels Mount so early start before it gets any warmer..hoping on the mount there will be a sea breeze. Su2ie I used to get chocs also but can't remember what I did with them. .I wouldn't eat them as I'm not a choccy fan, guess as my kids were young back then they may have had a few. Think I've gone back to my youth here..just looked in mirror I look an aging hippy..trying to wear clothes that are cool.. maybe I need to get changed. Be crafty. .have a good day..signal fluttering so I'm off