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  1. AnneWilliams123

    This old vintage thing!!!

    Fab!! From Skirt to Bag very nice.
  2. AnneWilliams123

    Anniversary Dates and Gifts

    Waow Nice Lines.
  3. AnneWilliams123

    topsy turvy

    the dog and its Kennel or dog's house is really very cute.
  4. AnneWilliams123

    Cord ends

    first thing the bracelet how much I can see in the photograph is looking pretty. secondly you can use round silver beads also for the end corners will match your bracelet.
  5. AnneWilliams123

    Want to feature in our New Year issue?

    This is my work
  6. AnneWilliams123

    Spikes in jewellery?

    These jewelries are really awesome. I would like to wear these when going to the beach.
  7. AnneWilliams123

    Share your makes!

    I like the earrings
  8. AnneWilliams123

    Some new makes.....

    These are awesome sets of necklaces with beautiful pendant I like the pendant with green necklace.
  9. AnneWilliams123

    Diamond Victorian Perspective

    This is really very beautiful. Simple and elegant.
  10. AnneWilliams123

    Smiles By Wendy

    I like this color this is awesome!! you can check my collection too at krmcreation.com
  11. AnneWilliams123

    Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

    Generally is quite costly but looks elegant and beautiful.
  12. AnneWilliams123

    Beading some ancient keys!

    These are beautiful. you have used the keys in a very good manner. nice work done.
  13. AnneWilliams123

    Cord closures

    The toggles or jewellery beads you are searching will get at the tailor shop who make overcoats or blazers use the toggles you require.
  14. AnneWilliams123

    Chocolates, sweets, and flowers!

    Waow these chocolate and jelly beads are awesome. looks like it to eat. Nice.
  15. AnneWilliams123

    Some new makes.....

    Waow these are beautiful and colourful beads necklaces. Check mine also-