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  1. RobertMaing

    Zinnias In Flower

    I got a terrific order from Content Mango Beads lately. I enjoy the things I got, component, neutral coloured beads and component craggy brilliantly coloured. Ive never been someone who can resist a great string of recycled glass or Christmas beads. When I noticed the string of larger round recycled glass, though it doesnt reveal that good in the picture, I really could start to see the light bluish shade. As well as the recycled glass, I needed several other items for curiosity, therefore I chose to use a wonderful blue bead Ive had a while from Natalie Pappas of NKP Models in addition to a couple granite beads I also got from Content Mango. I love the overall outcome, even though I may find yourself making it a bit briefer. By using chain and a lobster claw to shut I did make it flexible. Thank you for looking! Im off to cook. See you next time.
  2. RobertMaing

    Grecian Moss

    A brand new pendant created using the aid of a buddy, Christine Hansen. She created the beautiful glass beads and delivered them in my experience to determine what I possibly could do with them. Bone, garnet Jasper was included by me. Agate, Birdwatcher and a made by hand copper hold. I love the feel of the item. It's quite natural,