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    I love Jewellery making, painting, glass engraving, Paint Shop Pro(digital scrapbooking). I am a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. Done spiritual Healing and Crystal healing course's.Oh and now Glass Fusing. And Crochet.
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    Two words game

    quote poetry
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    The Food Game

    Egg Custard
  3. Opalshards


    Hi all, Hope everyone is well. Well we are 1 week into our build. We had our prefabricated, flat roof extension demolished. 3 days of Jackhammers to remove the base. Footings all dug now for the new kitchen extension. They have done well seeing that the weather has been so bad. The back wall has to be partly re-built as the brickwork is sagging. Cant get in my workshop for kitchen cupboards bought of the internet. Being lazy just watching TV and playing computer games.
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    Not much to report here, no crafts done, cant interest myself. Been waiting for 2 months for my builder to start work on my kitchen extension. Had a prefabricated one built 30 odd years ago with a flat roof, so he has that to demolish first. The back wall is moving so has to remedy that. I think I will be able to settle more when it is finished.
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    The New Word Association Thread

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    The Food Game

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    The Name Game

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    Two words game

    Ground Rules
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    fun Friday?

    Good morning. Eliza. I know what you mean I have been putting an extension off for three years now.Didn't want the mess. Luckily we do have a downstairs loo. It must take a lot of strength to overcome a stroke. I hope all goes well. Today we are off to Fleetwood market and lunch out. Its lovely and sunny at the moment. Have a good day.x
  10. I use fishing line its so easy to work with and knot. Lobster clasp and jump ring fasterers.
  11. Opalshards

    Goose's FO's

    Great job.x
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    Charity Lovey Blankets

    Very sweet Denise.x
  13. Opalshards

    Second crochet bag with ring pulls (soda can tabs)

    Oh I like your bag Linda. Very clever and colourful. To think I have been throwing ring pulls away. I must become more of a hoarder.
  14. Opalshards

    wild n windy Wednesday

    Good afternoon all. I have been really lazy lately. Apart from trying to get around to more housework aches and pains permitting. I tend to let it slide these days. I still have not got around to painting. It is on my too do lost. I hope everyone is keeping well and warm. Our grandson Jack gained a new belt in Karate. I am one proud Nan.
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    Happy Birthday Serendipity

    Happy Birthday