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  1. AlienwearKnits


    Helloooo!!! Been out of action for a while! It's too freaking warm to crochet but managed to do this slowly in between sweating!
  2. AlienwearKnits


    I am considering today the weeeeeeekend! My daughter has sports day at 9.15 and being 3 I assume she only has one race so then I will be going to the post office to send some wool & come home back into my pjs It's sunny at the moment but watching the weather earlier who the heck knows what it will be like later. Probably gonna finish my daughters horse later
  3. AlienwearKnits

    The iron wins on Thursday

    I've only ever dyed undyed merino with acid dye, dunno about doing acrylic. Yeah its the wool she dyed I wanna keep it all to myself, I still have quite a bit of it left but I dunno if I have enough to make another one.
  4. AlienwearKnits

    The iron wins on Thursday

    I have a pile of washing to put away too, probably get it done later when the kids are having a bath It's turning out magnificently
  5. AlienwearKnits


    Stakreem I will be crocheting the one my daughter made Oh I have no idea what I've done now and this looks massive haha
  6. AlienwearKnits


  7. AlienwearKnits


    This is becoming a bit of an addiction now!!! Going to do one later with my daughter (3) who is gonna "paint wool like mammy" and then make her a toy she has chosen Hope everyone is having a wonderful day
  8. AlienwearKnits

    Torrential Tuesday

    A nice relaxed headband before bed Good night!
  9. AlienwearKnits

    Torrential Tuesday

    Oooh Crafty I like your hooks! I've made over 40 hehe
  10. AlienwearKnits

    Torrential Tuesday

    She looks finished hehe she still needs a whole half a head of hair!!
  11. AlienwearKnits

    Torrential Tuesday

    And the rain hit us about 2 hours ago, precisely as I walked out the door to take eldest to nursery! Boooo!
  12. AlienwearKnits

    Torrential Tuesday

    Thank you Knitting Queen
  13. AlienwearKnits

    Torrential Tuesday

    We had all the rain yesterday, blue skies today half way through the last leg of Shiro so she should be finished tonight! Yay. Then back to craft fair stock.
  14. AlienwearKnits


    Getting there slowly I wish I was better at embroidery
  15. AlienwearKnits


    My day just got a whole load better my new company tshirt came this morning. So ready for my first craft fair now on the 2nd of August!