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    Sewing anything wearable, soft furnishings. Dabbled in upholstery and have great respect for the skill required. Love gardening.
  1. sew2save

    From a newbie in the fog :-)

    Hello Mary, thank you for your sound advice.During my teenage years, my mother would demonstrate her tailoring techniques whilst making school blazers, trousers, skirts etc for my brothers and myself and suits for my father (we must have been the best dressed kids at school :-0 ) but at the time my interest was limited. After forty years in uniform and now retired I am getting to know my own identity and find a style that suits, hence the learning curve to sew :-) My old Beatnik style no longer appropriate and my increased weight a no no for sloppy joes and mini skirts, the challenge is a DIY wardrobe :-o Haven't tried quilting and patchwork Mary but when I do I shall know whose brain to pick :-) Sandra x
  2. sew2save

    From a newbie in the fog :-)

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for such a warm welcome :-) My thanks for all advice to Goose, Serendipity (love the screen name it reminds me of the process of my sewing success!!),Bigbunniesuk and Crafty Nannie. Just making arm protectors for a tatty leather armchair at the moment, which has been wearing thin and helped along by the inquisitive fingers of small grandchildren :-o My bravery will soon extend to a pattern free summer skirt; thought I could rip up an old duvet cover and make a prototype :-) If that fails it is plan B and a sewing pattern :-o
  3. Hello everyone; what an adventure this is for a social networking newbie. However, I'm sure I shall emerge from the fog full of inspiration :-) My main interest is sewing at which I hope to improve my skills and judging from what I have managed to read so far, the site seems to be a hive of activity, great skill and knowledge. My mother was a tailor and my grandmother an enthusiastic needlewoman both of whose endeavours to pass on their skills to me did not meet with much dedication. Not being artistic or very imaginative I have to slavishly follow sewing patterns , rather than be able to free cut and sew to fit, so any advice or references available to be gleaned would be extremely appreciated :-)