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    Arranging topics in reverse date order

    Hi experts Is it possible to have all topics displayed in reverse date order, i.e. most recent post at the top of the display, rather than having to read through the whole of the topic. I know I can simply go to the end of the topic by clicking on the >> button. I've been through My Control Panel but can't see a way to set this up. Thanks
  2. GrubbyLaceMaker

    comfy hooks diy

    Come on then, let us know just how you made them so pretty and comfy
  3. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Buying more crochet hooks

    I've got one of those thief type pixies as well..... she's also known as my little cat Ruby.....
  4. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Total Novice at Crochet

    I've never been able to work out how to crochet (I've got several books but I am totally confuddled by the way you have to hold the thread and none of the books explains clearly what you have to do to make the stitches). I've worked out how to start off the chain (a bit like casting on in knitting, I think) but after that... well..... I must be missing something obvious! I can sew, create dressmaking patterns from scratch, make bobbin lace and build a computer but for the life of me I can't work out this crochet stuff! Can anyone point me in the direction of a good explanation (YouTube for example). I've got a range of crochet hooks - from tiny up to 4mm and a wide variety of threads and wools in all sorts of thicknesses, so an explanation of which size hook to use for which diameter thread would be most appreciated as well. Many thanks
  5. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Frog prince finally finished

    Wow! What a Prince! He is gorgeous.... (I want to make one now....)
  6. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Summerhouse Craft Room Help

    Angelgonemad.. how exciting for you to have a purpose built craft house (I hadn't realised that it had not yet been constructed)... It will be a lot cheaper to incorporate the weatherproofing, insulation etc into the house as it's being built than to have it added later to an existing structure. It might be worth contacting your local authority's planning department or building regs to see if they can advise you, here in South Wales the planners are very helpful and can often point out potential problems in advance. For example, are you going to need drainage/plumbing/water supply (for a toilet or sink with drinking water)? If so, then the waste water will have to be connected into the mains somewhere. You'll obviously need heating, electric power and possibly external lighting between the craft house and your home. I can't advise on planning consent or building regulations as you're in Scotland and the rules are different there, but a good builder will know whether you need consents etc.
  7. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Summerhouse Craft Room Help

    I would think you definitely should put in insulation (roof, wall and possibly floor, depending on what the base of the summerhouse is made from and how it's been constructed). I live in Cardiff and have 10" of loft insulation, double glazing throughout and either damp proof courses or underfloor heating, so my house is nice and warm and doesn't need a lot of heating through the winter. I recently had a small leak in the wall of my sewing room and lots of the fabrics which had been stored in plastic carrier bags were absolutely ruined, just from a small amount of water ingress. No decent builder would think you were nuts for insulating a property, especially since you are going to be using the summerhouse all year round. Try to get at least three quotes, preferably from local recommendations. Is anyone in your area who's had some building work recently - ask the homeowners who did the work and was it good quality, would they recommend that particular builder. If you can itemise exactly what you want done, then it's a lot easier to compare the quotes you get. As a former civil engineer, I would be more than happy to help you prepare an itemised list if you could email me some pictures of the summerhouse as it is now (inside and outside) and generally describe what you want done.
  8. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Paper trimmer - what do you use?

    Hi Michelle... what sort of blades are you using? Perhaps titanium blades would be the way to go. When I was working, we used to trim A0 drawings and in all the time I was there (27 years) we only once had to replace the blade..... but this was a professional office one (a Dahle). Here's a link to a site that shows lots of small office ones that don't seem too expensive. http://officemachines.net/trimmers/
  9. GrubbyLaceMaker


    Hi Michelle... I have recently retired (due to ill-health) so some of my old hobbies have resurfaced again (lacemaking, sewing and having another try at learning to crochet). The other folk on this site seem to be really friendly and very knowledgeable! Well done on making a product that people want to buy - you now have your own business My third bedroom has been turned into a sewing room with cheapo wooden slat shelving and lots of plastic tubs for storing fabrics. I'd not realised just how many projects I'd actually "sort of" started but never had time to finish when I was working - I'm probably busier now than when I was working full time hehe... In the last three months, I've made two pairs of trousers, one pair of shorts, custom fitted ironing & sleeve board covers and a tablecloth for an unusual shaped table....
  10. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Any one esle do Bedfordshire bobbin lace?

    Here's a little picture of a lace mat I made in torchon lace a few years ago. It's now proudly displayed in my living room.
  11. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Any one esle do Bedfordshire bobbin lace?

    I've done a bit of beds lace but now find it far to hard due to arthritis in my hands (leaves and tallies simply kill me ). My favourite is torchon though and it's really easy (looks seriously complicated and impresses everybody )
  12. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Busy Bee Weekend

    Thanks Goose.... *Grubby wipes her brow* .... I was given a warning on another (stuffy, boring) site for making a silly mistake like that in my early days.
  13. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Busy Bee Weekend

    Oops... did I post that correctly? I just wanted to add a link to the YouTube video, not insert the actual video....
  14. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Busy Bee Weekend

    I've just come across this YouTube video of a most unusual way (to me anyway) of inserting a zip:-
  15. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Arranging topics in reverse date order

    Thanks Bridget. I guessed it was something like that, i.e. how the whole site had been set up. The only reason I asked about it was I used (many years ago) to run a similar type of site and each individual was able to customise their own Control Panel, change the background design, colours, fonts, sequential order etc etc.
  16. GrubbyLaceMaker


    I have just gone green with envy.... you lucky girl!
  17. GrubbyLaceMaker

    just starting out

    If you've got an electric knife hiding away (the "must have" gadget many years ago) you could simply buy a 10cm thick piece of foam and cut that up into 10cm squares. Or you could have a go at cutting the foam with a sharp, thin, flexible fish knife. Places like Dunelm Mills or upholstery stores sell the foam for making into cushion pads.
  18. GrubbyLaceMaker

    another little game

    Bat out of Hell (Meat Loaf)
  19. GrubbyLaceMaker


    I was thinking about getting an overlocker but since my Bernina 1008 does have an overlock stitch, do I really need one? I tend to make garments and the occasional tablecloth or light curtains.
  20. GrubbyLaceMaker

    Two words game

    Project Management