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  1. Thanks Bridget. That's what I had to do in the end but had to print it on my laptop. I think I need a printing app to print the screenshot properly from my iPad. It would be great if a printing option could be added as I really enjoy the magazine otherwise.
  2. Hi Bridget Thank I have now downloaded an app for zip files but my query is actually about how to print from my digital copy of Let 's Knit magazine. I can only access hem on my iPad not on my laptop and there is no option to print like there is on my other mags from Future publishing. Any suggestions please?
  3. But I can't see any way of saving Let's Knit into iBooks from the options that I have. At there top right the only icons are bookmark and contents 😒
  4. Thanks for that, I will try that for patterns from the website or other zip files. What I wanted this time was to print a pattern from the digital magazine. I have managed to do it the way Suzanne said, by taking a screen shot, emailing it to myself and printing it from my laptop. I think I also need some sort of printing app for the iPad which might help with adjusting the size when you print out because the screen shots print out really tiny from the iPad. So much to learn even after a year! I just find my laptop so slow now. It needs a good sort out I think but finding the time is my problem.
  5. Hello again, I have downloaded the iBooks app but can still see no way of saving into it as there is nothing on my Let's Knit mag to do that. All I can do is bookmark a page. It is very frustrating!
  6. Thank you for that. I can print most things I need from my iPad one tht I have an air printer. I couldn't work out how to email to myself. The only way I could come up with is to take a screen shot of the pages I need . Is that what you do Knitting Queen?
  7. Can anyone tell me please how I can print a pattern out of a digital copy of the magazine as there isn't a tool to do it like there is on my other digital magazines? Thanks