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    DIY Key Fob from Ribbon!

    Hey guys, Here is a fun project you can do with your driving teen, or for your own personal use. Start with sewing the ribbon design to whichever style of key fob material you want. Next take the Key Fob hardware and ensure it sites flush with the ribbon. Take an extra ribbon or cloth to cover the hardware when clamping together to keep from marking up the metal. The finish product is fun and very useful! Here is the Full Tutorial Video
  2. Hey all! Today I want to show you how to make a Ric Rac Flower. This project is great for kids, and you can place the finished result on countless items. Have fun crafting and be safe!
  3. Crafty247

    Ribbon Ice Cream Cone

    Hello all, Hope you are doing great! My family and I love getting ice cream in the summer, and I thought I would share a fun new project with you all called the Ribbon Ice Cream Cone! Hope you find it fun and useful. Enjoy! Start by rolling the Brown ribbon to a cone shape, then glue. Cut excess material off, giving a true cone shape. Start gluing the korker ribbon to the top of the cone. Wrap the korker ribbon around the top of the cone and glue where needed to fasten. Continue to wrap the korker ribbon in a spiral motion to the top, creating the ice cream shape. Cut excess korker ribbon, then glue to fasten. Finally, glue the Pearl to the top for a cherry on top!
  4. Hey All! I just wanted to share this super fun project for all you with babies, grandbabies, or for a friend with a baby! Its fun, easy, and I know you'll love how cute your loved one will look wearing them! Things you'll need: Estimates for the foldover elastic: Newborn - 2.5" 0-3 Mos - 3" 3-6 Mos - 3.5" 6-12 Mos - 4" Start by gluing the first strip to the flower. Then glue the second strip as shown for the heel piece. Glue a circle felt piece to the underside of the flower, for a comfortable pad. Repeat for the other foot, and enjoy! Visit us for the full tutorial video!
  5. Crafty247

    Ribbon Tutorial Video #4

    Hey Ya'll, Im excited to share with you a super fun craft idea that will walk you step by step through the whole project via a tutorial video. This week I will show you how to make a Bumble Bee Ribbon Sculpture that is super fun, and so easy. Give it a shot and tell me what you think!
  6. Crafty247

    Ribbon Tutorial Video #3

    Hello fellow crafters! I have learned that there is no better time than now to start something and be proactive. This weeks tutorial video will show you how to make a Loopy Ribbon Flower. This simple step by step process is super easy, and can be done with kids. Be creative, and enjoy!
  7. Crafty247

    Ribbon Tutorial Video #2

    Hello again, This week in my video tutorial series, I will show you how to make a "Korker Bow!" I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment or ask any questions!
  8. Crafty247

    Ribbon Tutorial Video #1

    This tutorial video will introduce my new video series, and show you how to make a Pony O' Cheer Bow Streamer. Enjoy!
  9. Crafty247

    New, and excited!

    Hello All, As a newcomer it is good to be here. I am excited to have the chance to interact with you all, and in turn I also am excited to offer my knowledge and skills in the crafting world. I am going to introduce a new tutorial video series that will walk through how to make several craft items using ribbon. Hope they are informational and useful to some.