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  1. Winklesun

    What do you love making from paper?

    I'm not sure if this would be considered paper crafting.... Paper mache? I recently made an Inukshuk.
  2. Winklesun

    Anyone esle do this kind of thing......

    My problem is usually I have the supplies but have trouble finding them. That is even more annoying!! I'm still working on getting more organized.
  3. Winklesun

    New ventures with jewellery

    I really like polymer clay. There are so many different techniques that can be used you never run out of things to make. I started using it at least 20 years ago but mostly for making dolls. Recently I started making jewelry. Your creations are very nice.
  4. Winklesun

    how to start putting myself out there...

    Try google+
  5. Winklesun

    Share your crafty tips here!

    With some craft projects, patience really is a virtue. If you don't have patience, at least have a husband that does. He can remind you to be patient. This will be either really helpful or just make you really mad, depending on the mood you are in at the time. (just impatient or REALLY impatient.) haha Happy Valentines Day to my very patient husband.
  6. Winklesun

    Love is in theair!

    Pretty. Just in time for valentines day!
  7. Winklesun

    New from canada

    Okay thanks.
  8. Winklesun

    New from canada

    Thank you. I am wondering if I am allowed to post a link to my website. I have read the rules and I don't sell anything but I am unsure if this is allowed. Thanks.
  9. Winklesun

    A few of my felted miniature animals

    Awwwww! The angel pig is my favorite.
  10. Winklesun

    Needle felted Cocker Spaniel

    Great job!
  11. Winklesun

    Needle Felting

    I took a needle felting class a long time ago before there was much for information on the internet. Now there is a lot of amazing work out there. Good luck with it.
  12. Winklesun

    New from canada

    Hi Nice to be here. I am a long time crafter with many interests.