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  1. Wire Weaver

    Smiles By Wendy

    I love working the full Persian - it's awesome :-) I've recently learned the Turkish as well, that's pretty cool. I made it in copper and black but find it difficult here in the UK to buy good quality coloured metal rings, unless they're anodized aluminium, which I hate working with :-(
  2. Wire Weaver

    bead loom help

    I agree and found Chainmaille the same :-) Very very addictive
  3. Wire Weaver

    WINNER! Make & Sell Jewellery issue 58 forum challenge

    Well done Diane :-)
  4. Wire Weaver

    Love is in theair!

    Loving these hearts!! Wonderful artistic work :-)
  5. Wire Weaver

    how to start putting myself out there...

    Also try Twitter - we've had some success there :-) Good Luck
  6. Newbie here! My contribution are these beautiful chainmaille earrings with red hearts made by my own fair hand - sticking to the valentine theme :-) Hope you like them