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  1. MiniBaby

    Rayon Ribbon Shop?

    Thank you Bigbunniesuk Thanks for the links, there are some really nice ribbon in there and I agree with you, ones with contrasting edges are really rare...
  2. MiniBaby

    Rayon Ribbon Shop?

    Thank you Goose Unfortunately it is not grosgrain ribbon but I will continue to look for it
  3. MiniBaby

    Rayon Ribbon Shop?

    Thank you very much artym I have taken a look at viscose, it is a bit thicker than what I want. To add a bit about this ribbon, it is normally 1/4" wide
  4. MiniBaby

    Rayon Ribbon Shop?

    I am looking for a specific type of ribbon around the UK, however I have never seen it in anywhere. According to my information, the ribbon I am looking for is called Rayon ribbon. I would like to look for these ribbons in plain white colours, but keep the white/black/Sparkle edge. Please have a look at the pictures below for reference, it is a picture from a Ebay seller. I have seen them being sold in the USA Ebay and ETSY shops, but all of them were dyed. Does anyone know if any shop in the UK are selling this type of ribbon? Are they called differently in the UK? Thanks a lot for reading and helping.