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  1. Brookeyy

    Back Again

    I couldnt even find anything
  2. Brookeyy

    Back Again

    thanks Carolyn
  3. Brookeyy

    Back Again

    Hello everyone After more than a year, I'm back. Found out that all is changed and as I went to look out for past messages, I couldn't find any. Can anyone help me out, to try and find out how to view my past messages? My problem is more than a year ago I wanted to swap with some of you and didn't managed to send to everyone......soon after I agreed with some swapping......unfortunately I went through financial problems, lost both my jobs and other problems as well which made it hard for me to send the promised atcs and prizes. I would like to retrieve the addresses so I'll send them out as I'm getting slowly back to normal. Please if anyone could help I would really appreciate Thanks a lot
  4. Well done to everyone All amazing makes and loved all your ideas. It was hard to choose only 2, so I had a little help from my son. The ones that were chosen were the boxes made by Barbara19 and the brooch made by Maritrez Please send me your addresses so I'll send out the gifts. Well done to all the others and thanks for taking part
  5. Nice make crafts nannie Nice makes Maritrez, love that brooch
  6. A good idea indeed!! well done!!
  7. Nice makes Sue! well done.
  8. That's amazing!! well done
  9. hope there'll be more entries.... but there is still a lot of time left
  10. Lovely Barbara. Very nice and useful
  11. If you don't have any old t-shirt, you buy cheap ones. And you can alter it as long as it gets a new style.
  12. I was looking through the posts and since over here the challenges almost all of them allow overseas to take part (thanks), I thought I'll make a challenge myself, in fact I'll make 2. The first challenge is making a home decoration/ornament but using only recycled items. can be anything you wish. The second one is recycling an old t-shirt. There's a little prize for both challenges. The ending time is last of February so there is plenty of time to take part.