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  1. 2belle

    welcome one and all

    Hello and welcome all you lovely new members to this fantastic forum. if there is any thing you need help or advice with just ask and someone in this very friendly forum will help you. look forward to chatting and seeing all your makes.xx2belle
  2. hi fellow beaders its my turn to be the host and my first for beading so I thought as its Mothers day on the 3rd we could make a bracelet or necklace that your Mum would like or if like me your Mums not here now make yours something you would like to have given her or you would like to receive yourself. I will swap like for like, to be with me by - 20th April with a SAE inside. any queries just PM me my address is on RAK list so I hope we get lots of you signing up - sign up by the 13th and that gives us a week for posting. Happy Beading Isabelle x 2belle miss chella-receivedwith rak thank you maritrez- received with rak thank you be a darling helen- received with rak thank you tedsmum -recceived with rak thank you
  3. got yours chelle and its lovely and thank you for the very nice rak and just my colour too! Isabelle x
  4. 2belle

    Thank you Isabelle

    glad they arrived safe hope you can use them Isabelle x
  5. 2belle

    March Jewellery Swap - Spring theme!!

    whats happened to this swap? I am doing april and not got march swap yet is there something wrong hope alls well Isabelle x
  6. have received MT and helens swaps with lovely raks thanks girls Isabelle x
  7. 2belle

    Thank you Isabelle

    your welcome hope you find a use for them Isabellex
  8. they are lovely MT good luck everyone. Isabelle x
  9. thanks MT good luck everyone! Isabelle x
  10. I dont think this is such a surprise :lol : MARITREZ is our winner with the most tips she almost beat herself with all her great tips well done and I know it looked as if there were a lot of entries but we only got a few other tips so I will send wee prize tol Lacocklady ,Goose and PurpleCobwebs PM me the addresses, thanks for taking part Isabelle x
  11. hi girls tedsmum is in the swap too so more lovely things to swap round. Isabelle x
  12. I was lucky this month to have my letter printed in this months MJ mag. I sent in a tip about how I sell some of my beady goods by photographing all my work and put them in albums and my daughters and their friends take them into their work and get orders for me, so I though I would have a challenge where all you beady fans pass on a tip or a new technique and that way we all can get to learn something new. please show(photos) or describe a favourite or new technique or a handy tip to help all us budding beaders. I will have 3 beady prizes and pick the ones that I can use or teaches me something new. hope you like this challenge goodluck and hope we all learn something new. Isabelle x
  13. welI think l we all know who will win for most tips and there is not that many other tips so wont have too much bother finding a winner thanks for taking part, and go to HOF for result it will be such a surprise :ohh: Isabelle x
  14. I actually got my entry done and here it is it's based on page 16 'Blooming Lovely' I freehand drew flowers on shrink plastic and used brilliance inks to colour made different sizes and used glass leaves and co-ordinating beads ect to make the necklace. this is first time making a bib style and used coloured wire for wrapping thanks for looking Isabelle x
  15. your on a roll MT I wonder how many you can get by the time the challenge is up......no pressure Isabelle x
  16. lovely makes in this challenge good luck everyone I am going to try get my entry done but know for sure that there is already a winner here.I just love the taking part. hello susie never spoke before it must be hard all that sunshine just wish we got bit more here in scotland but at least its a nice day here but I'm confined to bed just now so all the windows are open wide, I have the same glass bird as you susie mines blk/white Isabelle x
  17. thats you both added girls thanks for joining in, Isabelle x
  18. its a very good tip jane and so are the others,come on MT you must have more I may give a prize for the most tips Isabelle x
  19. thanks chelle for starting us off hope we get lots of swappers! Isabelle x
  20. 2belle

    March Jewellery Swap - Spring theme!!

    mines been posted hope you get it soon sorry its a bit late Isabelle x
  21. no worries Louise I just want to learn more about beading so all tips will be useful as i'm sure yourrs will be handy too. and you can enter as many times as you want girls...keep them coming! Isabelle x
  22. thanks girls for your tips but what I would really like is beady tips to help all us budding jewellers and my prizes are beady bags for the best tips or techniques that I can use or learn ! Isabelle x
  23. well said girls! how about sharing some new techniques all you beaders out there we would all love to learn more! Isabelle x
  24. what a great start to the challenge girls hopefully there will be lots more to come just to make my job hard to pick a winner but we will all win with these great tips thanks girls Isabelle x
  25. I posted a short thank you last week but this is a proper thank you to all you lovely girls who sent me cards and raks for my birthday and as I have not been on here very much recently is is even more thoughtful of you all I have put the names on the pics so that I got them right so a big thank you to all ...maritrez,paperkate golden hippie,mamabee,purple cobwebs, golfer,dee sr, lacey,maggie50,clara cluck, copse,and finally tedsmum the names are not in any order but the thanks from me is the same for all ...very much appreciated Isabelle :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: the 2 wee clay birds from Gaynor were unfortunately broken in the post , such a shame as they are cute.