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  1. These are gorgeous Gaynor!!!! Will be in touch with by email later on about helping me out if you can... more later... :-)
  2. Sardine2005

    Pearl Set

    Very clever and innovative! Classy! Love it!
  3. Sardine2005

    Mix and match pink choker

    Hi peeps from lovely, sunny and warm Belfast!!!!! lol Anyway... here's my latest make. Didn't realise how long it would take before I started!!!! It started life as a bracelet but as it wasn;t taking me too long (and I was getting impatient, as ever!), I decided to turn it into a necklace (choker to keep the shape of the bead cluster; anything longer and the beads would end up in a "ball" shape rather than a "sausage" shape across the neck, I'm not making any sense whatsoever here!), but enough of my rambling...
  4. Sardine2005

    Mix and match pink choker

    THANK YOU !!!!! You're on FB, aren't you? If so, feel free to add me!
  5. Sardine2005

    Hey can anyone say,...

    These look lovely!!!! Quick tip (from someone who knows little about jewellery and who has self taught everything she knows, so make of this what you wish): just putting some "spacer" beads between your coloured beads can totally change the look of the bracelet (for little money! always looking on the practical side!) I look at what's around, get my inspiration from everything and anything I can find on the net and magazines and I do a lot of "trial and error", where you try things and if they work. they work, and if they don't , they don't!!!! Good luck, keep up the good work!
  6. Sardine2005

    bit of an experiment...

    That's gorgeous!!! Love everything you make!!!!xx
  7. Sardine2005

    Mother's Day set

    Made this a few days ago (if you're on FB, you probably have seen it already!)
  8. Sardine2005

    Mother's Day set

    Yes, by all means... let's be FB friends!!!! http://www.facebook.com/FromNibs2Necks (business) http://www.facebook.com/christel.mcmullan (personal) Feel free to add me!!!
  9. Sardine2005

    Mother's Day set

    Thanks Natalie!!!!!
  10. Sardine2005

    Recent makes

    Haven't been on here in ages!!!!!! Spending WAY too much time on FB these days... lol Anyway, here are a few of my recent makes:
  11. Sardine2005

    Pearls and crystals set

    This is one of my favourites!
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  13. Sardine2005

    A Few Necklaces

    Very nice! Love the first one!
  14. Sardine2005

    Recent makes

    I've been in a "pink" phase for a while (anyone who's ever met me knows that pink isn't my colour, but recently I've been going all pink and colourful!!) I quite like making earrings, they're quite quick (except the first ones up there!). Speaking of these first earrings, could anyone recommend some type of glue to help the loop wire to stick inside the wee tube thingy (just to avoid the earring opening & losing all the beads, like it did to me when I was making them!) Maggie, when are you joining Facebook? lol
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    Thanks Maggie & Daisy!!!! Still crafting a little, but things get in the way, like work and stuff!!!!!! So not much free time!!!!! But I've missed having a chat with you guys!!!! Going to my first ever craft fair (as a seller!) in March! Will be looking for some tips!!!!
  16. Sardine2005

    Candy Chain

    These are beautiful!!!! Well done!!!!
  17. Sardine2005

    Jewellery set

    Very nice !!!!
  18. Sardine2005

    3 bracelets from me :)

    That's beautiful Helen!!!!!
  19. That;s FANTASTIC!!!! Well done!!!!!
  20. Sardine2005

    A few from me...

    Love them all! They're fab!!!!!
  21. Sardine2005

    New pearly makes

    These are gorgeous, Sarah!!! Nice one!
  22. Sardine2005

    Beaded Crystal Cupcake tutorial!

    OMG!! as a HUGE cupcake fan, this one is for me!!!! Fabulous!!!!
  23. Sardine2005

    Macramé knotting :)

    That's fantastic Louise ! Well done!
  24. Sardine2005

    Make Jewellery issue 17 challenge winner!

    Well done Renata!!!! Well deserved!
  25. Sardine2005

    Wooden Choker + New Wood items

    That's fantastic! Well done!