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    I'd just say research ink cartridge prices. .I use copy ones from internet...also one that takes individual colours. .I'm on my 3rd Cannon seem to get about 5 years before they start playing up..plus they are top or front feed..I have copy paper in front draw and feed cardboard in single sheet from rear...have used 300gsm.
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    Welcome back hun, lovely to see you again on here.
    With an inkjet printer you may get smearing when you colour in, though some people say if you dry it we'll with a hair dryer or go over it first with a rubber it will help, I've not tried either so can't say, but a laser printer won't smear at all.
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    Personally I would not give any Epson printer house room!!  I had one once it was awful!!  I use a HP all in one now, its a HP 1050 and will print on card up to 300 gsm I use the glossy card setting for acetate.  It cost less than £50 from PC World.  I would say the best thing is to research on the internet then go to the shop and ask for a demo on a particular weight of card.  I will say though that MOST printers with a rear paper feed will take heavier card but the ones with a front feed generally won't (card won't go round the rollers).
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    Hi, I use an Epson SX410. I've had it a few years now and it's working ok. It won't take thick card though (240 gsm seems to be its max). It hates acetate, but if I stick the acetate to a bit of copy paper along the top edge, that fools it and it works.
    I like the fact that it has separate colour cartridges, so I can replace the colours one at a time as they run out. I also use compatible inks, because they're a lot cheaper than the Epson ones, and work fine.
    Hope you find one you like, and welcome back to crafting