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  1. cupcakedaft


    Thank you everyone! Really helpful advice xxx
  2. cupcakedaft


    Hello there, I have been away from crafting for a while now and am getting back into my card making. I really need to get a new printer but am unsure which to go for that will give me the best results for printing digital images and papers. I am sure that you guys are my best bet for getting god advice! TIA, Cx
  3. cupcakedaft

    Centreparcs Photos

    Fantastic pictures Natalie, thanks so much for letting us see! It looks like a great place, and that spa sounds bliss. Am off to bed now, just watched the film "The Holiday"-- so Romantic it was great and I cried buckets!!! talk to you all tomorrow all going well. Caroline xxx
  4. cupcakedaft

    Oh noooooo......

    Phew!!! What luck! Caroline xxx
  5. cupcakedaft

    Bad fall

    Oh my word!!, just you take care of yourself babe, Caroline xxx
  6. cupcakedaft

    can I have a wee rant!

    Poor you!!! why is it when we are really looking forward to a night out we get the SPOT just beforehand(or worse a coldsore) I think someone somewhere has a sick sense of humour!!!!! I hope that you feel better and manage to get out to enjoy yourselves! Caroline xxx
  7. cupcakedaft

    big hugs

    There is nothing to beat a good hug!!!! Caroline xx
  8. cupcakedaft

    I have proof that our spirits live on after we die

    I believe that spirits stay around to keep a wee eye on us, also love the idea of angels too Anna-B but have not delved very deeply into it. I also think that everything happens for a reason even though I don't always understand the reason, or agree with it for that matter!! I love Jodi Picoult and haven't read that one, will pop it on my Christmas list I think, Caroline xxx
  9. cupcakedaft

    Yay go me!!

    Excellent results, well done you!! Caroline xxx
  10. cupcakedaft

    Helllooooooooooooooo! I'm Here Now

    Wow what a fun packed holiday that sounds like !! Can't wait to see pics, Carolinexxx
  11. cupcakedaft

    Good evening all, Iam back...

    Sorry to read about your sad times, my thoughts are with you, Caroline xxx
  12. cupcakedaft

    I have a screw loose, it is official

    Yes I can just imagine you being discussed in pubs up and down the country!!! you did make me laugh but I hope it's not causing you any discomfort. Caroline xxx
  13. cupcakedaft

    I don't know about you but.........I'm Glooped!

    Oh poor you Beverly!!! But I am afraid you have made me giggle I am so glad thet there are more people out there that get in a pickle - it's not just me!!!! Caroline xxx
  14. cupcakedaft

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good Morning everyone, It is still dark here so not too sure what weather is doing!! Have lots of cards to make today and tomorrow, I am really behind at the moment and have not even started my own Christmas cards yet, and I just know that most of you will have been so organised with your cards! Was my DD's 17th birthday yesterday and she had her first driving lesson which was "terrifying but fun" and she only stalled once apparently!!! I will hopefully get on for a chat and a full catch up this weekend, as am hoping for some me time if possible-(it's a bit thin on the ground at the moment, which is why I don't get on much!) I am really hoping that I will be able to get some time next week for the Big Party Event as it sounds so much fun. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and that you are all well, Caroline xxx
  15. cupcakedaft


    OH WHAT FUN!!!!!!Caroline xxx