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    auntiesceb77 got a reaction from sew 4316 in Show us Your Sewing Makes!   
    Heres my doggy draught excluder which I made for my sister's cold house.  I found the pattern on ebay it was originally from a magazine.

    This was my first attemped at sewing on a machine since school (24 yrs).
    Not perfect but it does the job and my nephew thinks I bought it!
    Love the cushions - I want to make some similar but wasn't brave enough so I strarted with the sausage dog.  I know sounds harder but not got to worry so much about sewing in a straight line!
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    auntiesceb77 got a reaction from segtree in LGC finished makes, share to be featured   
    Here's my collection of makes.  I'd not knitted sine I was 7 (chick egg cosie in the Brownies!) so I was pretty pleased with myself.