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  1. Katy McIntosh

    Copyright on Papercrafter free gifts

    Hi, That's right. No part of PaperCrafter, including the free papers and gifts, may be reproduced or used for public display or commercial usage without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. Thank you very much for asking and good luck with your ventures!
  2. Katy McIntosh

    October magazine Drawstring Bag Problems

    Hi, The template is now fixed. You can download the new one here: http://www.sewmag.co.uk/index.php/free-sewing-downloads/view/october_2014_templates Sorry again for the inconvenience.
  3. Katy McIntosh

    October magazine Drawstring Bag Problems

    Hi there, Apologies - you're right, the template doesn't seem to be displaying the diagonal lines properly. We're working on getting this fixed straight away. In terms of fabric size, you draw the grid onto fabric and then leave a good border around the edge. This doesn't have to be a specific size. May I ask what email address / phone number you've been using when you tried to contact? We endeavour to answer all the queries we receive, so I'm very sorry if you haven't had a response. Apologies again for the issue with the template. We'll get it working correctly as soon as possible, thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  4. Katy McIntosh

    Sew Magazine FREE Downloads - Find Them All Here!

    Hi. Yes, that's right - the raccoon is from Simplicity 1549. It was the free gift with our March issue. It can be purchased online from Etsy, Ebay or the Simplicity website for £2.80: http://www.simplicitynewlook.com/1549/#.VCPN5fldXfI Happy stitching!
  5. Katy McIntosh


    Thanks - all answered
  6. Katy McIntosh

    Newbie re Dachshund

    Hi there! We have recently discovered a small error in the instructions - you can find the correction in the link below. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and hope you can finish off Dave with four legs! http://www.homecraftforums.com/topic/51107-dachshund-correction-issue-62/
  7. Katy McIntosh

    Dachshund correction (issue 62)

    Hi stitchers! Loads of you have made little Dave the dachshund from our August issue, and you all seem to love him! However, we've found a small mistake in the instructions - most of you seem to have cleverly stitched him naturally and not even noticed! In step 4, you should pin and sew the two bellies together along the belly, not along the legs. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this error has caused and hope this helps anyone who might be having problems. Happy stitching!
  8. Katy McIntosh

    Sew 61 Teacher Gifts correction

    Correction to Teacher Gifts (p88 - issue 61 of Sew) Step 3 should read: Lay the wadding out and place the back piece of the notebook cover right side up on top. Position the folded sleeves, right sides out, on top of the fabric... rather than Lay the back piece of the notebook cover right side up and place the wadding on top, Position the folded sleeves, right sides out, on top of the wadding... Sorry for any inconvenience. Happy stitching!
  9. Katy McIntosh

    Design Competition

    If you were one of the lucky first 50 to enter our design competition (issue 61), congratulations, your kit will be with you soon! It comes with an example pattern, but remember that you can do whatever you like! Closing date for sending your finished makes back is 25th July if you want to be in with a chance of winning. Send to Prym Competition, Sew Magazine, 1 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Rd, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY. We can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!
  10. Katy McIntosh


    Hi, We did a feature on overlockers in our May issue (p24). Our model of the month was Bernina 800DL (which is the one they used on the Sewing Bee!) It's an easy to use model, ideal for someone who's never used one before and in the lower price range. It's worth checking out all the big brands, as their machines are all reliable. Take a look at what features they include and be aware that price points vary hugely. Hope that helps!
  11. Katy McIntosh

    Share your makes

    Have you made some beautiful jewellery recently? Comment with your pics and descriptions of how you made it, and it might even be featured in the mag!
  12. Katy McIntosh

    GBSB Sizing Guide

    Here's the GBSB sizing guide to help you if you're making one of our free garments from the Sewing Bee. Keep stitching!
  13. Katy McIntosh

    Show us Your Sewing Makes!

    Love the hearts! Great for Valentine's. Not long now to make something for your loved one....
  14. Simple question: what's your favourite project from the Feb issue? There's lots to choose from, including the Valentine tokens, Liberty quilt, heart pillows, stacking rings and much more! Just let us know what and why
  15. Katy McIntosh

    Fabric buying poll

    Hi stitchers! We want to know about your spending habits when it comes to buying fabric! If you've got a spare second, why not enter our quick poll and help us find out more about you?