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  1. m10tmj

    Bit of a cheeky number . . .

    first class posted today i put in an adapter as well for you with the dies have fun x tracy x
  2. m10tmj

    Bit of a cheeky number . . .

    no problem just sat there looking bored unsed and unloved lol
  3. m10tmj

    The Name Game

  4. i agree cassidii!! i work on the books and mags at asda and it takes us all our time just to keep the shelfs full!! (i do know a lot of the stock past and present but do need details to go on) lol x
  5. m10tmj

    Bit of a cheeky number . . .

    if you pm me your address i have some small dies that are looking lonely will post to you x
  6. ideal envelopes are selling thiscard today for 1p per 8 sheets and you can buy six packs so if you want a bargain delivery is so quick and worth it with p p added
  7. m10tmj

    glitter card 48 sheets for 6p

    sorry should have said you change the price in the box to what you are willing to pay x its always nice to get a bargain
  8. I find it cheaper to buy card and score them into sizes i want rather than buy card blanks. x
  9. m10tmj

    Things i made for my wedding

    they look like cost a fortune well done for making them they are stunning x
  10. m10tmj

    10 more makes today

    where do you find the time to do all these!!
  11. m10tmj

    Tea bags

    what lovely colours . teabags are just another type of thing i have and not got round to because of all the other 'stuff' i am trying to do nothing seems to get finished !!
  12. m10tmj

    Which do you prefer game

    urgh bovril at a push!! flannelette sheets or cotton
  13. m10tmj

    Wish Me Luck!!!!

    how exciting for you good luck x
  14. just thought i would say hello to all the new people joining the forum i just got back online after a while off ill look forward to meeting you all its so friendly on here love tracy x
  15. thanks for my birthday card i havent been on here for a long time with one thing and another im back on now so hope to speak soon thanks again itt was lovely card x
  16. m10tmj

    New here love to make crafty friends.

    hello purplerose im tracy married with 3 grown ups!! i love cardmaking knitting cross stitch sewing anything crafty realy. i live in hull . hope to speak to you soon its very friendly on here x
  17. there are some very talented ladies on here
  18. m10tmj

    rachelsian19 thank you

    i had a lovely day thank you . its nice to be back on the forum x
  19. yes please can you add my name to this swap x
  20. m10tmj

    the great paper swap second time round CLOSED

    please put my name in for this looks like fun i have lots of different papers and would be good to get something different.
  21. m10tmj

    It's just not my day.

    i think some mechanics can strrrrretch the bills sometimes its so bad having to spend on cars when there are so many other things you need ......beads , wire, etc !!!
  22. m10tmj

    GRRR :-(

    metaldgirl are you sure its a school and not a prison your working in!!?? and efc1878 how nice to see the sea where you live i know its not nice to mess up your times like that but could of gone cool off with a paddle x
  23. m10tmj

    Card for friend's 40th

    oh dear hit by a bus? de ja vu my husband was as well he just up and about recently. i hope your recovering well. your cards are ace love the colours. x
  24. m10tmj

    Couple of birthday cards

    very pretty cards i love the nestabillities need more of them : )
  25. m10tmj

    Well couldnt resist................

    wow maggie they look great i havent tried the stacker type card but i will give it a go after seeing yours they are superb x