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    congrats bev on your title!! wear your crown with pride x
  2. m10tmj

    The Good Morning Thread

    hello everyone i was going to be good today and tidy and boring stuff then the heavens opened up so im sat on laptop listening to the rain and thunder and watching the lightning. off work after a little accident at work which knocked my front tooth out so look a right state : ( the up side is got time to make cards while feeling bad. i made some art deco type cards and today a lady i work with bought all of them so the money i made is going to shelter. felt real bad after watching the documentry last week about homeless people and how they were in the place they are at moment it was awful . have a good day x tracy
  3. m10tmj

    New Things To Try

    beetroot in cakes is for the sweetness my daughter is vegan and she bakes things with the oddest of ingredients lol . i used to bake for a cafe and when you bake in bulk at home it takes the pleasure of eating it away!! i might just be tempted back in the kitchen after reading this thread !! x
  4. m10tmj

    Fairy birthday card for 7 yr old girl

    its real pretty love the fairy im sure the lady will love it all girls like these type of cards dont they x
  5. m10tmj

    Rolling ball card

    what a great idea mens cards are so hard to do
  6. m10tmj

    75th Birthday card

    what a lovely card paper nations are so versatile they have lots of different images especially for men x
  7. m10tmj

    Wedding card

    very elegant love the image x
  8. m10tmj

    Rose & butterfly ATC and Bra & Panty card.

    love them the bra set is so cheeky she will love it x
  9. m10tmj

    Am I allowed to do this??

    it says in most books copyright so dont think you would legally be allowed but then who is going to know where your images came from as they are widely available in shops to buy . i would use them if i had some as i dont think anyone would question it x
  10. thank you shirley would be nice to support a worthy cause and do what i enjoy at same time x
  11. m10tmj

    Birthday Wishes

    thats lovely a real elegant card x
  12. m10tmj

    Birthday Card Commision

    very trendy any girl or lady ! would love it x
  13. m10tmj

    Oh My Goodness!!

    its nice to pass a smile on like this he will get more pleasure from giving you the stash of items then putting it in loft wont he x
  14. m10tmj

    Beatrix Potter Card

    how sweet they are different from the toppers i got in my mag much cuter!
  15. i meet my friend for craft talk and shopping and coffee!! we could meet you if you can get to hull one day soon im off work at mo for about the next three weeks. would show you where it is and if we know your coming we could try get some nice card put by for you cos once its gone you never see the same again lol . i will check the rak list and if your on it i ll send you some pieces to whet your appetite lol
  16. its central hull called paper2go it supplies everywhere with card and paper has a small shop with little bits and pieces of craft stuff but when they have shiny pearly patterned card its heaven!! always have different cardstock in x
  17. loopy lou your not that far away from me you could make a day out for the kiddies take them to see the deep then going through the town on way back home pop in the paper factory !!!
  18. thats great but i have a local factory that supplies places like paper mill and you can go in and fill an a3 size box for £7 its such great value i know i am sooooo lucky to live nearby wish i could spread it around lol x
  19. m10tmj

    1st Commision Card

    looks stunning love the mirri board im sure the lady will love it x
  20. m10tmj

    the great MYSTERY swaps CLOSED

    can i join in please what do i need to do?
  21. m10tmj

    beatrix potter cards

    they are cute cards well done x
  22. m10tmj

    Proud of myself, and an apology as well!

    i feel for you its not nice even when your not afraid of dentist is it? i am off work because my front tooth was knocked out i look like someone off horror movie, got a denture made and it doesnt fit my mouth because of other crowns already there so need an implant which is 5 thousand pounds : ( keep going and persevere with it cos to be without teeth is not nice is it? hope you get on ok well done for getting so far x
  23. m10tmj

    What a tata.

    hello maywalk you will soon get into the forum again i just poppped back on after a while off!! hope to see some of your work on here x
  24. m10tmj

    What's everyone upto today??

    well i have been to the dentist : ( i had my front tooth knocked out at work and had a denture made its horrible!! cant eat with it what a nightmare. hope i get used to it soon going to get pleasently drunk tonight in front of the telly x