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  1. m10tmj

    Daddys card

    start em young!! x tracy
  2. m10tmj

    baby card order

    what a lovely card x tracy x
  3. m10tmj

    Sorry :)

    poor bairn hope he doing ok its horrible when your on your own with a child and their hurting :long: but health and safety do gooders will banish all play frames and suchlike soon so let him dust his self down and get out there soon!!! spoil him rotten while you can they grow up sooooo fast :-)
  4. m10tmj

    How stupid is this!!

    makes you so angry when you dont get what you need for people who need it so bad :down: hope you get it sorted. my mum had a motorised chair and she used what little money she had put away to buy it....brill she can be a little more independant but wait she needed a ramp to get it in and out of house........ council do them for the disabled not for my mum she used her money instead of buying on credit with her mobility allowance so must be well of pay for it yourself!!! she got rid of the chair not been able to afford to pay for a ramp. will now go and calm down know how you feeling x
  5. m10tmj

    the little miniture swaps CLOSED

    can i join the ribbon one please???? just love ribbon and doing this means im not out buying it so im been good :cheese: love tracy x
  6. m10tmj

    4 more cards made last night

    well done they are lovely i so dont know how you find the time with your little ones you must realy be organised!! love tracy
  7. m10tmj

    Card for an order

    very nice card and its got what the lady asked for!! i find it realy hard when someone asks for something specific :-S tracy x
  8. m10tmj

    vintage tattoo themed cards

    love em realy old but modern cards !!! i know what i mean %-P not seen these images before real nice well done x tracyx
  9. m10tmj

    Newbie's First Attempt!

    hello pen and welcome! i love your style of crafting we all have one! but yours looks so clean and fresh looking love all your pics x tracy x
  10. m10tmj

    2 Christmas cards

    love them all real cuties x
  11. m10tmj

    in a geisha mood

    i realy like these cards they are sooo cute x
  12. m10tmj

    More Laura Ashley

    beautiful cards maggie as always x
  13. m10tmj

    Thank you m10tmj!!

    your welcome bev wish i could send you full size box!! who knows if your ever up this way pm me and i will meet you with one :-)
  14. m10tmj

    I Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done maggie x dont know how you find the time though my mam dragged me to bingo first time i been in years!! won a couple of times only small amounts but was there all day! the win never covered the cost of going :-) hope your number 3 win is the lottery how fab would that be.x
  15. m10tmj

    looploo look what u made me do

    great cards always the difficult ones MEN! love the images x
  16. m10tmj

    Sequins RAK

    gorgeous cards maggie love fairys always so quaint looking quaint what a posh word for me lol x
  17. m10tmj

    The Good Morning Thread

    morning everyone cant believe im first up or last to bed! not slept last night so will be getting dh off to work then watching create and craft then try to get some sleep! maybe try get on later and catch up with your day. hope your all up bright eyed and ready for your day whatever your up to love tracy x
  18. m10tmj

    efc1878 an answer!!

    sorry couldnt get pm to work properly recieved your message and if you can describe the card will see how much i have (if its one that got full box of!!) and nesties are the nestabillitie dies for a wizard machine they work in my bigshot and are brill look out for them you might be able to use them with your machine?? love tracy
  19. wow get mine tommorrow when go meet my friend for crafty afternoon :-P will look out for anyone i recognise off here well done for getting in there !!
  20. m10tmj

    efc1878 an answer!!

    yep got 2 or3 red and what colour glitter? have all different colours bit of a magpie!! bright things attract me! will send you some x :coolsmile:
  21. m10tmj

    Michelle is (for choice of a better word) ANNOYED!!!

    ;-) :shut: what a nasty woman has she no compassion?? if i had asked for something made to order i wouldnt dare not take it after all the effort you put in to it how mean of her. your poor little one must be fed up of this illness its so frustrating when you cant help them isnt it. i am sure it wont last long the doctors must give her something to relieve the symptoms hope you get sorted soon and dont give up on people who order cards from you there is always an awkward one out there love tracy x
  22. m10tmj

    just been on telly!!

    :coolsmile: just had my email read out on create and craft!! its so strange hearing it been read out lol hope i get a card sent from the box!! its not good having it on freeview will be sat here all morning
  23. m10tmj

    Aaaaaahhh So excited *screams*

    wow have agreat time x
  24. m10tmj

    Which do you prefer game

    ooooh no contest strawberry caravan or tent
  25. m10tmj

    just been on telly!!

    i sent it a few times before realising it was the wrong addy. %-P im off work for another 3 weeks so might email each morning bound to get fed up of me and send me a card ;-P might ban me from ordering though..........cant have that what would i do without my lifeline!!