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  1. m10tmj

    bargain 25p

    i put some glue tape rolling thingies out today (bought twenty!) hope your asda has them too x
  2. m10tmj

    Medical advice???

    how painful my husband was bitten and it turned into cellulitus its form of blood poisoning and my friend has it at the moment she was a little tipsy and fell or was pushed? and cut her arm on a bush she has been off work two months and in hospital on numerous occasions as she is allergic to all antibiotics. hope your ok and next time you have anything happen ( i hope you dont!) get seen too straight away x
  3. m10tmj

    Freehartz says hi!!!!!!!!!

    love ly card from beverly nice to hear from her maggie x
  4. m10tmj

    They'll never know *photo added*

    glad you finally have them!
  5. m10tmj

    Summer's Hotting Up!

    wow what a lovely life you lead!! must be nice and relaxing (and hard work too) realy envious love tracy x
  6. m10tmj

    Just because its pretty

    stunning view your so lucky living there x
  7. m10tmj

    someone please help??

    thank you maggie yay you are the best x got them thank you so much
  8. m10tmj

    someone please help??

    i followed what they suggested and just cannot do it i know its probably me no .......definately me :-P thanks maggie x
  9. m10tmj

    someone please help??

    i have tried to download the teapapers and then the ben 10 ones off the download section and cannot get them been to the first aid thread and stilll no luck :down: if anyone has downloaded them would you please email them to me to see if i can get them that way?? i would be so grateful my daughter is tea mad and the papers are perfect for her . thanks tracy x
  10. m10tmj

    downloading tea papers

    thank you paul will try that later tracy
  11. m10tmj

    Hello!! An update - I'm a happy gal again.

    hello jules glad your on the positive side of things now good luck with your new venture. i too have been away from here for a long while and just recently came back on you sooon drift back into it though because every one is so welcoming. good to see you again love tracy x
  12. m10tmj

    Help, advice needed! big decision time!!

    definately vouchers because you dont NEED anything or you would know as soon as they asked you what you would like!! its nice to spend vouchers as you dont think about the cost as much ;-P
  13. m10tmj

    finally done it

    well done would you like to come to mine show me hows its done :cheese:
  14. m10tmj

    Daughter's Anniversary card

    they are gorgeous cards x tracy x
  15. m10tmj

    Mr Men card

    i think its ideal youngsters love the mr men at the minute x tracy x