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The Geekyst thing I do is LARP. I love it and have been playing Alliance Larp for almost 3 years now. Recently my first Character just died her name was Gorka and she was a Healer Orc. My new character is a Human Templar, she is sort of based on some of the Stark woman. I love Larping because I get to be geeky and role play well enjoying the out doors. Also its a good outlet for a lot of my creative skills such as, sewing, painting, crafting and writing. 


My preferred gaming platform is Nintendo DS or Wii. I can play SSB but am relay more of a casual gamer. Though I am a bit rusty at just about everything but Mine Craft right now.


I'm a big Minecraft fan. I watch more videos than play it sometimes though. I'm a fan of the youtubers Yogscast, tyken132, and craftedmovie. 


I am a life-time member of Girl Scouts. I enjoy camping and many Recreational activity's both indoor and out.


I've earned my Associate's of Arts degree.


I scare quite easily, and Don't like most horror genre. I can be a bit dramatic and quite stubborn at times. I have a few goals in life; to GM, lead a Girl Scout troop, make a family, and become a camp director.