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  1. Jecelyn Latimer

    November MOTM Winner!

    Hello everyone, Congratulations to Goose who's won this month's Member of the Month! We hope you enjoy your prizes. If you have any suggestions for next month's MOTM, then please send me a message. Thank you, Jec x
  2. Hello everyone, Our August issue has been out for a few days now, and what an issue! Everyone's worked super hard to create this nice summer read full of seasonal makes and ideas. But I'd like to know what your favourite is! If it's not on the poll, then please comment below. Have a lovely day, Jec
  3. Jecelyn Latimer

    Help please... I'm new :)

    Hello Caroline, I've forwarded this thread onto a member of the PaperCrafter team, and they should be with you shortly. Thank you, Jec
  4. Hello everyone, With the weather being so topsy-turvey, I'm not sure whether I want to venture outside or stay in and get some of my projects finished! I've recently been trying to learn how to crochet, and after two hours of tutorials and practice I can just about make a magic ring! I can knit perfectly fine, but crochet has always been the weak link in my chain! Has anyone else been making anything, got their weekend plans sorted or currently learning something new? Or do you have any tips for me and my awful crochet skills? Hehe
  5. Jecelyn Latimer

    Weekend plans and new crafting adventures

    A bike to put back together, Aisles?! That's some extreme crafting session! You do sound incredibly busy, but I think that productive hard work is really good for the soul, especially when you're making things that other people can enjoy, too I'm sorry you've been having trouble with it too, Pink Puppy, though we're all in this together! If I find a good tutorial I'll let you know, though I did see this the other day and I might give it a go. What I like about this video is that she does the crochet slow and explains everything: And button bouquets?! How creative! You must send me a picture when you're done, I'm so interested to see how they turn out! And haha, yes, cut the grass before it rains. I don't trust the good patches of weather at the moment as it seems that it's only a little while later before it's raining again!
  6. Jecelyn Latimer

    using crafts beautiful free envelope maker

    Hello, Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble, if you could tell me what you've been trying to make I'll help you out as best as I can. Thanks, Jec
  7. Hello everyone! The sun's out, ice cream vans are jingling in the distance, and we're in the office thinking of our future Christmas editions. It's a funny old world, but we're quite bashful to admit that we're all loving it! back to summer, and I'm very chuffed with how this July issue's turned out. We have some fabulous makes and some clowns (I'm quite scared of these comical fellows in general, but we don't go into that. They're less scary when they're quilled.) I'd much rather hear about what's caught your fancy, though! If your fave project isn't listed, then comment below. Love, Jec x
  8. Good morning everyone, I hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend basking in crafts, or sunshine, or both! Mine was partially spent trying to fix my mum's sat nav instead of sewing dresses for the toy bunnies that I've been making. She did give me tea and cake, though, which made up for any losses! Speaking of crafts, I'd love to know what your favourite project from this issue is: personally, I LOVE Malcolm the dog on page 98 and Helen Cant's ice cream jewellery on page 77. If your favourite project isn't a voting option, let me know. Jec
  9. Hello everyone, I can't believe we've just had our May issue goes on sale; something that I've learnt since joining CB is that time flies fast, much faster than I would have thought! I love all of the beautiful spring and wedding-themed makes in this issue, but tell me, what project did you like best? Jec x
  10. Jecelyn Latimer

    Craft tips for Crafts Beautiful

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any craft tips that they would like to share for the May issue of CB? I'd love to fill the profile space with one of you Jec
  11. Jecelyn Latimer

    April issue: Fave craft poll

    Hello everyone, I can't tell you how pleased I am with our April issue. I'm a huge fan of spring, bunnies and pink you see, and to have all three on the cover alone has got me pretty excited, and I haven't even mentioned the charms and other projects yet! Well, now I suppose I have. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the projects from this issue, and what your favourite make currently is. Jec
  12. Jecelyn Latimer

    Wish me luck! as in 1 day time I'm doing the walk!!

    Wow, this is amazing! So full of talent. I think I need a few knitted strawberries now!
  13. Hello crafters, It's that time of the month again where we ask you what your favourite project from the March issue is! Personally, I think mine might have to be the beautiful garden party resin jewellery from Helen Cant. I think it's absolutely lovely! Though it's always so hard to choose between all of these amazing projects.... So, what would you say your favourite was? Jec
  14. Jecelyn Latimer


    I do like to go online when I'm feeling a bit strapped for time, but at the weekends I often like to pop into town and visit my local yarn shops, with 3 being quite local. Lucky me! It definitely helps when I've come across a knitting emergency, and there have been a few...and I've only been knitting since December! Oh well. Scarves away!
  15. Jecelyn Latimer

    Your fave project of the March issue is...

    The owl cushions were very cute. According to statistics, adding owls to anything increases cuteness by 120% Jenny. You can't deny the facts
  16. Jecelyn Latimer

    Member of the month

    Hello crafters, Just a little note to let you know that if you have any suggestions for MOTM or want to get in touch with me regarding anything relating to this, then I am the go-to person and you can message me directly Thanks, Jec
  17. Hello crafters, It's that time again where we'd like to see what your fave project of the Feb issue was! It would be fab to see what you all think of it Thanks, Jec
  18. My sister and I have recently been experimenting with polymer clay techniques, so our mum is going to receive one of our concoctions!
  19. Jecelyn Latimer

    The Christmas make-it challenge!

    Hello ladies, It's almost Christmas time, and I am so very excited! I have mostly all of my sewing projects for my nieces finished, I've bought some new books to read over the festive holiday, and I have set myself a challenge. For all that don't know, I am a complete novice when it comes to knitting. As in, I have never picked up a pair of knitting needles....until recently. Over the past couple of days I've been teaching myself how to knit. I was given a ball of this beautiful alpaca wool from the lovely ladies at Let's Knit! http://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk/rico-creative-twist-tweed-super-chunky-lilac-mix-002-100 and got stuck in Well. I see why people love this craft so much: I've not been able to stop! I've ordered a few more balls of this yarn, and have set myself the challenge of making a big scarf over Christmas. And so I thought, what is everyone else doing over Christmas? Is anyone else seeing these few days off as a window of opportunity to teach themselves something new, or to tackle that project they've been saving? I'd love to see what you've all made post-Christmas, and to update this post with your progress along the way! Take care, Jec
  20. Hello everyone, So it's that time again where I ask, what is your favourite project from the Jan issue? I understand that the mag officially comes out tomorrow, but if anyone's received theirs early, then I'd love to know what you love the look of best! Jec
  21. Hello Crafters, I and the CB team have some very exciting news to announce: we're reintroducing the Member of the Month to the Your Space section of the magazine! Not sure what all the fuss is about? Let me explain. Our wonderful mods will have the task of flagging up one member who they feel deserves a little recognition. This will happen every month, and I will announce the winner in our 'Hall of Fame' too. So, who's excited? I know I am! Have a lovely weekend crafters Jec
  22. Jecelyn Latimer

    Real Readers Like You: Craft Tips

    Good morning everyone (well, just about morning anyway! ) I'm looking for a reader to put in the Jan mag. If you have a crafty tip that you'd like to share, then please get in touch! Also, if you have any crafty tips in general then please let me know. Thank you, Jec
  23. Good afternoon, everyone! Have you got a crafty story to tell? Then we would love to hear from you. Maybe you are a mother and daughter crafting duo, you've met your partner on a course or workshop, or crafting has helped you get fit and healthy again. If you would like to share your experience and inspire other crafters by being featured in the magazine, then please PM me Thank you!
  24. Jecelyn Latimer

    Your most memorable crafty valentine

    Hello everyone, We've put the Jan issue to bed already-can you believe it? I still haven't fully accepted that Christmas is just around the corner, and fawning over all our Spring goodies isn't cementing the idea either! You could say that love is in the air, and speaking of love, I'd just LOVE to hear all your crafty valentines stories! Did you create a card for a loved one, or vice versa? Did you stitch something sweet, or perhaps someone made you a batch of cupcakes? It could be anything: tell us your stories! Last valentines day I was recouping after some tough essays during my final year at university, and after I got back from the library I found a letter. My nieces had decorated a beautiful valentines card for me; the squiggly writing and colour over the lines made it all the better. It cheered me up, and my usual library visit that afternoon wasn't so much a chore as I showed off my card to my study group!